Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Overachiever

So, today is 40 weeks, 5 days pregnant. The doctors tell me this is the 'average' day for 1st time moms to deliver. Waylon has been saying all along that our son is going to be above average, so maybe that's why he's not coming... he wants to be greater than the average baby! :-)

I think I've gotten over the disappointment of being induced now and just come to terms with the fact that Noah will be here in 4 or 5 days - that's days - not weeks or months anymore!! How exciting! I can't say I'm not still secretly (okay, maybe not so secretly) hoping something will happen before then, though! :-)

Tomorrow is Waylon's birthday... maybe he'll decide he wants to share his daddy's special day.

Some other exciting news! My sister is definitely coming to see Noah after he's born. She's taking a class right now, so we weren't sure if she was going to be able to come or not, but she's been approved to skip her class on Tuesday, so she's going to fly down Monday night and stay until Wednesday! I'm so excited that she'll get to meet Noah on his birthday!

That's all for now!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Quick Update

So, we just got back from our doctor's appointment and there has been no change!... No change!! What's up with that?? Noah is still not ready to meet us! :-)

I guess the 'good news' is that we now have a definite endpoint. We are scheduled for an induction next Monday. We have an appointment to go to the hospital on Sunday night, July 1st to start to get things ready and they will begin the induction on Monday morning. The doctor said that it's still likely that something could happen on it's own before then, so we'll hope for that.

At least we now know that, definitely by next Monday or Tuesday, we'll have Noah here!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

D-day + 1....

Waylon has this written on our calendar on the fridge. Yesterday we were a little down about nothing happening. We didn't have much going on (Waylon didn't think of more projects for yesterday), so we were kinda just sitting around waiting most of the day. We did make it to the mall to have lunch and just walk around to try to get things moving (to no avail obviously!). :-) Last night, Cory and Jennie brought over dinner and we watched a movie. Our dogs, Seger and Oscar got to play together which is always fun, so that was good.

We did have an interesting experience at the mall yesterday. A woman and her husband (maybe in their 40s) stopped us in Sears and asked when our due date was. When I told her it was that day, she started asking all sorts of questions and then asking questions about my job and Waylon's job. It was just strange. They talked to us for a long time before we finally were able to make a get-away. Then, as we were walking out of Sears, all of the sudden they were next to us again and the lady said 'Well, since we are following you, are you having a boy or a girl?' and started asking us all sorts of questions again and at this point were basically walking with us through the mall! It was very strange. Waylon thought maybe they were Amway salespeople, but they never brought any of that up. We were able to tell them we were heading into a store and finally lost them. Very strange.

So, I don't think I've mentioned my massive feet here yet. A few weeks ago, my feet started to swell and they have been so annoying since. I try to keep them up as much as possible but they pretty much stay that way all the time. They just look so strange - like I'm not looking at my own feet, and if you put pressure on them, it leaves an indentation for a long time... beautiful. I'm defnitely ready to get my body back (although I know that's going to take a while even after he's here).

Anyway, I'm sure these posts are getting pretty boring and probably depressing. I apologize for that... we just want to meet our son! :-)

Today should be better. Waylon has some more projects to work on today... changing the oil in his car and the lawn mower.... and I have a bridal shower to go to. Honestly, I was hoping I wouldn't be able to go (sorry, Megan!), but on the other hand I am glad to be able to be included since I'm going to miss the bachelorette party weekend at the beach and it's always fun to celebrate a wedding!

I have another doctors appointment tomorrow, so we'll see what the doc says.... if I've progressed or if they will schedule an induction, etc.

On to D-day + 2 (or maybe not hopefully!)... :-)

Friday, June 22, 2007

If you build it, he will come (I hope!)

The nursery is finished!! So, we are officially ready for you to make your appearance, Noah! We got the glider today and put up the rest of the wall hangings, moblie, shelf, etc. I think it looks great. Check it out.

First of all, here was the room before... as a guest room:

And here it is now!

Otherwise, no news. Tomorrow is the due date and there is no sign of anything happening. Waylon says I'll go into labor tonight since I've been so excited about getting the glider and now it's here! We shall see.

He had the day off today (he has every other Friday off work), and of course he was a busy beaver! He cleaned the whole house and mowed the lawn and then hung all the stuff in the nursery for me. What a great husband! He said now we can concentrate on getting this baby out this weekend! :-) We'll see... he may come up with some more projects for the weekend.

Think good thoughts!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No go yet....

So, 3 days until the due date and here I am.... still preggers!

First, an update on my doctors appointment that was Monday. There's not much to update, but I was 'a fingertip' dilated... which apparently means almost 1 cm, but not quite yet. So at least that was some kind of progress from the week before. I was still 50% effaced and at -3 station (for those of you who know what that means and care) which was the same as last week. The doc told me my assignement for the week was to go into labor. I told him I'd work on it!

Last night, I was having some strange cramping - lower down in my pelvis and different than I've felt before. I'm hoping this is a sign of things progressing, but I'm not sure. I have a coworker who's wife is due tomorrow (2 days before me). We've had fun comparing the pregnancies all along and it's fun to have someone here at work as excited and anxious as I am. Anyway, he came by this morning and said his wife had that low cramping, too and they think it's the baby 'dropping'. He and another coworker also said they think my belly looks like it's dropped a little, so maybe something is happening. Even if it's not true, it's nice to have some kind of hope that it could happen soon!! :-) Waylon says he has a good feeling about today, too.... although he's been saying that since his first prediction that I'd go into labor on June 9th!

Speaking of predictions, I asked immediate family and a few friends to guess the date they thought I would go into labor. I figured I'd post here what everyone's guesses are... this would be a good place to keep up with it. There's no money riding on it... just bragging rights! Here's everyone's guesses:

June 10th - Dick
June 14th - Waylon (this was his second guess after the 9th)
June 15th - Kay
June 16th - no one
June 17th - Robin
June 18th - Keri
June 19th - no one
June 20th - Leah
June 21st - Jackie
June 22nd - Brenda, Laurie
June 23rd - no one (and the due date!)
June 24th - Duane, Chris
June 25th - Andrea, Roz
June 26th - Tom
June 27th - Jennie
June 28th - Jessica

If anyone would like to add a guess, let me know and I'll add you to the list!

So I guess that's all I have to say today. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Back to work...

Well, I was hoping I wouldn't be here today, but here I am. I know I'm not even at my due date yet, but I'm still disappointed that nothing happened this weekend.... except those darn Braxton Hicks!!

We did have a nice weekend, though. Of course, as I posted on Saturday, Waylon got lots of things done around the house - I even helped stain the deck some yesterday (of course I had to take more breaks than he did). We also went out to a very nice dinner on Saturday night... appetizer, meals, coffee (decaf for me, of course!) and dessert. We have to take advantage of these 'just the two of us' moments as we know they are fleeting now. Last night we celebrated Father's day at Waylon's parents' house which was also very nice.

We have a lot of people voting for me to go into labor on Friday. That would actually be a good thing for several reasons. It's Waylon's alternate Friday off, so we could maximize his time at home, the glider and ottoman are being delivered Friday morning, my sister, Leah, would be able to come down for the weekend to meet Noah and it would be good for my parents to come down on a weekend, too. The only downside is that I have to live through this week.... it's supposed to be 97 here today and tomorrow - not to mention the humidity. Whew.... my poor feet. :-(

Well, as much speculation as we put into it, I have a feeling we don't have a choice! Noah will come when he's good and ready. Glad to see he already has the stubborn trait of his mom and dad!

Okay, I'm warning you now... this next part is going to be cheesy! I'll try to keep the hormones out of it and just say what I want to say! :-) We are so excited. Obviously, you can tell that by how impatient my posts have been. But watching Waylon and how excited he is is amazing to me. He's usually the calm and patient of the two of us, but for the arrival of this baby, he can barely control himself! It's so sweet to watch. Everyone tells you that having a baby changes your relationship with your husband and it is totally true. I didn't think I could love him more than I already did, but watching him morph into a father over these past 9 months has been the most amazing thing to see. I know when I see Noah in his arms, it's going to multiply by 1000, too. I just can't wait.

Okay, enough of that!! :-) I have a doctors appointment today, so we'll see if anything has progressed, but I don't have high hopes. Like I said, he'll come when he's ready... and if he doesn't, we'll make him come out in 2 weeks!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Some pictures....

Here are some pictures if you haven't seen them before....

3D ultrasound at 29 weeks...

My 'push gift'!!...

The nursery...

(the glider will be where the swing is now)

(the most important part of the nursery!)

The belly at the beginning (5 weeks) and end (well, today anyway - 39 weeks)....

One more week?

After several weeks of reading a friend's blog about the end of her pregnancy and now the birth of her daughter, Waylon and I have decided that we should start one of these, too! We think it would be a great way to keep everyone up to speed with Noah's entrance into the world and a great place to post pictures. I'm definitely not an experienced blogger, so I can't promise how interesting and entertaining it will be! In any case... here we go!

One week from today is my due date. I'm so ready. I've been so tired recently and Waylon has been so understanding and good to me. As I'm writing this, I'm having a Braxton Hick contraction ('practice' contractions)... which I've been having for several months now. So annoying! Especially now that I'm trying to distinguish between these and 'real' contractions. The docs assure me that 'I'll know' when it's real, though.

We have everything ready... except for the glider and ottoman that are being delievered next Friday and the wall decorations that we'll put up when we get all the furniture in the nursery. Everything is washed, bags are packed (as much as they can be), and it's just a waiting game now.

I think Waylon is going through the nesting phase more than I am. I'm too tired for that now! Just in the past week, he's flipped the direction of the door to our downstairs bathroom, powerwashed the deck, gotten my car new tires and was planning to stain the deck today but it may rain, so he may do that tomorrow... not to mention the cleaning which he's always been obsessive about! :-) (He told me to use the word obsessive!) Maybe I'll get that spurt of energy that they talk about women getting just before they go into labor. Waylon probably hopes I do!

He has been laughing at me about how obsessive I've been about the nursery, though. Everything in there has to have it's place. As most of you know, he's defnitely usually the 'neater' of the two of us, but he'll fold up a blanket in the nursery and I go behind him and refold it so it lays nicer in the closet with the other blankets!! :-) He's even caught me spacing out the hangers in the closet which he thought was so funny and great. I'm just so excited and I love to go in there and just look at all of Noah's things.

So, besides the Braxton Hicks, there's really been no sign that Noah is going to make his grand appearance soon. The doctors say they will induce 7-10 days past my due date, so one way or another, we'll have him in our arms in about 2 1/2 weeks. We'll keep you upated!!