Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All sorts of new things

Now more than ever, it seems like Noah is doing something new each day. He's now pulling up pretty well, saying Dada on demand, walking with assistance, eating more and more 'real' foods, getting ear infections... oh wait, that's not new! :-) Well, we aren't sure if he still has them or not but I'm almost positive he does. We were supposed to take him back on Monday for a follow up appointment but I think we are going to take him tomorrow instead.

A short update on the weekend... Friday was mulch day. Waylon was going to do it himself but when Noah went down for a nap, I went out to help him. Wouldn't you know it, he slept for 2 hours!! I kept willing him to wake up, but I guess Waylon's willing him to sleep was stronger. :-) Just kidding, it was nice to get outside and do some real yardwork.... I haven't done much outside since before I was pregnant. Friday afternoon was the playdate with the triplets and obviously, that was awesome.

Saturday, Grammy and Papa (my mom now thinks she might be Grammy) babysat while Waylon and I went to Beerfest.... a world beer festival in downtown Raleigh. It was so much fun!! When we left, I had my ID and debit card in my pocket and sunglasses on my head and that was it!! No diaper bag, no stroller, no baby, no purse even! I mentioned how strange it was and my friend Jason said, 'Welcome back!' :-) Too funny.

Sunday was another catch up day.... cleaning, laundry, groceries etc.

A few pics from Sunday afternoon....

We're going to be buddys!

A good example of my 95th percentile head. :-)

The pulling up progression...

Hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Playing with the triplets!

Yesterday afternoon, I went over to visit with our friends Kate and Chris who have 2 month old triplets - Rory, Madalynn, and Brendan. They are adorable!! I attempted to help, although I felt like I didn't do a lot! At least I was able to help with two (x3) feedings. Waylon brought Noah over around 5:30 or so. He seemed a litte interested in the babies and wasn't jealous at all when Waylon and I were holding one of them. Here are some of the shots....

Kate and Maddie



Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Update

I was instructed to 'get to bloggin' and give you all the weekend update (thanks to Jackie!), so here goes! :-)
On Friday, we had a follow up doctors appointment to check on Noah's ears. Good news/bad news.... the good news is that one of his ears was clear and the other one still had some fluid but wasn't infected. The bad news was that he had a fever of 101.4!! We were able to get the fever down with Tylenol and it hasn't been back since. We are supposed to go back in another two weeks to check his ears again and if they are bad again, we will be referred to an ENT. I'm almost positive that tubes are in our future. If not soon, probably next winter. Today, he's been extra sniffly so we are a little worried but we'll see. On Friday afternoon, it was a beautiful day, so Noah and I played outside some while Waylon powerwashed the house.....
Saturday was a fun day. We went out to the NCSU spring football game. We tailgated before the game with good food and good company. Noah did great all day. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera but it was lots of fun.
On Sunday, my mom came to visit and we went to dinner with Waylon's parents and Andrea and Sean. She stayed and hung out with Noah and I today (I ran her ragged running errands!). She'll be heading to visit my Gramma tomorrow morning and coming back through on Thursday night.
Last night, Noah had his first potty training experience. We noticed him making 'that face' in the tub, so I picked him up and put him on the toilet. It was hilarious!! He was a little confused as you can see. :-)
Here are some other cute shots from the past few days....

His new trick... pointing.... he points at everything!!

Big boy baths these days! :-)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Stealing Savannah's toys!

Noah's cousin Savannah isn't even born yet and he's already stealing her toys! Aunt Andrea and Uncle Sean let Noah borrow a toy that they got for Savannah... and he loves it! He's not actually walking behind it yet (alone anyway) but I think it will encourage him to learn. Hmmm... are we sure we want that?? :-)
Thanks, Savannah!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Helping Daddy mow.

No huge update except that Noah still has his ear infections. In fact, we went back to the doc on Friday because he had another 102 fever on Thursday night. This time, they gave him a shot of antibiotics and also gave us a prescription for oral steroids just in case the croup came back over the weekend (in order to avoid an ER visit). Apparently, croup is actually a side effect of a cold which some kids are more prone to getthing than others. Since he has raging ear infections and also had increased sniffles that day, they were worried that he had gotten a new cold and he might have another croup attack. So far, that hasn't happened, so that's good.

This weekend was a catch up weekend for us... cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and mowing the lawn. Here are a few pictures of Noah helping Daddy.

And another messy face shot... this one shows his 7 teeth (if you look REALLY hard). :-)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

9 month checkup and ear infections

Yesterday was Noah's 9 month physical... here are the stats:

Weight: 22 lbs, 2 oz (75th percentile)
Height: 29.5 inches (75th percentile)
Head: 27.5 cm (95th percentile)

We are glad to be back down to 75th percentile for weight... I guess all the moving around has slowed down that crazy weight gain we'd seen up until now! And I think he's taking after his daddy with that head... Waylon has trouble finding hats that fit - even now! :-) Hopefully that means that he's going to take after his daddy and be very smart, too!

Unfortunately, it wasn't all fun stats during that appointment. Sunday night, Noah woke up almost every hour and when he finally got up in the morning, he was burning up. I took his temperature and he had a fever of 102.1!! I knew we had the physical that afternoon, so I just gave him tylenol and stripped him down to his diaper. I was able to get the fever down to 101.4. Later, just before we went to the appointment, it spiked to 103.0! I was nervous that it had gotten that high, but Noah was still (fairly) happy and eating well, too. The doc confirmed what I suspected and said that he had two nasty ear infections - yet again. :-( So, more antibiotics - fun fun. Our poor little man has probably forgotten what it feels like to be healthy!!

Last night, he slept all night and woke appearing to feel much better and only had a low grade fever of 100.6. We decided to try taking him to daycare and told them to call if he seemed to not feel well or just extra tired or whatever. He did fine all day and was tired tonight but still seemed to be feeling better, so that's good. His temp was down to 99.6 tonight.

Anyway, that's our health update! Otherwise, things are going well. We had a nice weekend. Noah and I helped Andrea register at Babies R Us on Saturday afternoon. It was fun picking out girly stuff for Savannah! While we were there, Waylon stayed home and installed all the cabinet door locks in the kitchen and bathrooms... the babyproofing begins! On Sunday, we had a nice get together with one of my new coworkers, Deirdre, and her family. Deirdre and her husband, Gabe, have two boys, Owen and Griffin, who are 3 years and 18 months. That was so fun!

I have no new pictures to post today, sorry! In the meantime, if you want to check out the rest of his 9 month pictures (there are 80 in total), here's the link....


Friday, April 4, 2008

9 month photos!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No More Breastfeeding.

Well, Noah is officially weaned as of today. It just kinda happened... which is I guess the way it should happen, right?

I had planned to have him weaned by the beginning of June since he'd be 11 months by then and that would give him a few weeks to be fully on formula before we went on our vacation. So we had already slowly taken away the day feedings because he was becoming too 'busy' anyway... and with those 6 teeth... not much fun for mom! :-) Well, the other morning, he was unhappy when I was feeding him and it became obvious he wasn't getting much from me. So we decided to get rid of that morning feeding and just stick with the one night feeding, but then last night after I fed him at bedtime, he woke up a few times and we were concerned that he didn't get enough again. So as of today, we decided to just go full formula.

My original 'goal' was to make it to 6 months, so I'm glad I was able to get to that point. I was hoping to make it a little longer but this seems to be the natural progression for us and he seems okay with it, too. I'll have much more flexibility now, so that will be nice. It is a little bittersweet though. It kind of feels like the first big 'growing up' step.

And speaking of growing up.... Happy 9 month Birthday, Noah (today)!