Thursday, August 16, 2012

Celebrating my birthday and visit with Grammy and Papa

The next day was my birthday and for my birthday, I got a new job!!  :-)  We put Noah on the bus that morning and it was bizarre watching him get on that big bus and just take off for the day!  

Before he left though, he, Kylie and Daddy gave me my present - a new table!!!  Waylon and I had seen this table several months ago in Durham and thought about buying it but decided not to.  Since then, I haven't stopped saying, 'We should have gotten that table' so he went back and got it for me!!  What a great present.  I love it and I think it really finished off our family room nicely.

Silly Kylie girl wearing the pirate stuff from Savannah's party with a medal and her purse as accents.  :-)

That night, we had swim lessons at the pool as we do every Tuesday.  I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this cute little behind though.  :-)

On Thursday, my mom arrived to visit for the weekend (my dad flew in on Friday night), so Waylon and I decided to have a date night at the Melting Pot!  Yum!!

Champagne for my birthday.  :-)
 On Friday, Grammy took Kylie to the museum and they had a blast as always!

A self portrait at the museum  :-)

Noah loves his Grammy, too!

They always say you marry a man like your father, right??  :-)
The past few times Grammy has come, she's kept each kid home from school one day and done something special with them but obviously, we can't do that now that Noah is in school.  So apparently, he was a little confused and thought he was going to have a special day alone on Saturday.  He even told people at school that he was going to the museum that weekend.  :-)  So we decided we had to make some plans.  Grammy found a cool kids' show at the planetarium so we all went there for the morning (while Waylon stayed back and washed cars).  :-)

Grammy and Papa got them these matching outfits in Colorado!

Getting ready for the show - love Noah's eyes in this shot.  :-)

Had to represent the Wolfpack on UNC's campus.  :-)
Both kids have really become computer (and phone and iPad) savvy and Noah in particular has gotten really interested in one game on  It's so cute to watch them play but I think we are going to have to start setting limits soon!  I seriously caught myself threatening him to take away the computer and phone for the night - and he's only 5!!!  :-)

On Saturday night, Grammy and Papa stayed home to 'kidsit' (Noah doesn't like for me to call it babysit) and we went out with a big group of neighbors and Andrea and Sean to dinner.  It was so much fun and we ended up back at a neighbors' house to play cards afterwards.  Lots of fun!!

Before Grammy and Papa left on Sunday morning, we all went down to the pool so they could see how far the kids have come with swimming.  Noah has been improving all along but it's really clicked for Kylie in the past month or so.  She's a little fish now!!

Belly flop!

Look at her go!

Noah is a fish, too!  Loves the water.

Big arms
We said goodbye to Grammy and Papa and thanked them for a great weekend and played at the pool a bit longer...

Sibling fun
 Kylie was so tired but wanted me to 'stay with her a wittle while' so I did and she fell asleep so I couldn't resist taking a picture.  Is there anything sweeter than watching a 'baby' sleep???

That afternoon, Nana, Andrea, Sean, and Savannah came over to have dinner and celebrate my birthday.  We missed Grandaddy who was home prepping for a procedure that he had following day.  No fun for him!  :-(  


Kylie loves cupcakes!

More computer time
The girls got dressed up and Kylie came in and announced, 'Savannah is the prince and I'm the princess and we are going to marry each other!  :-)  Adorable.

Prince Savannah and Princess Kylie
 Then Sean decided to be the prince and he turned on music and danced with his (very dramatic) princess!!  :-)

This picture made me laugh so hard I was almost crying!!  :-)

And more computer....  :-)
What fun times!  It's amazing to look back when I'm doing these blogs and see how much we do.  It's definitely a busy time with these two crazy kids but I wouldn't trade anything for the world!!!!

Savannah's Birthday Party!

After Noah's first day of school, we went straight to Savannah's birthday party!  We met Kylie there since she was already with them.  She had a great time playing with Savannah all day long!  They had the party at a place with a whole bunch of big playsets.  It was a pirate theme and so adorable....

Now that's a happy birthday girl!  :-)

... and a happy Kylie girl!

Sean dressed up as a pirate!!  :-)

Walking the plank

Noah's turn

Love this - the blur of Kylie coming down the slide

Dinner time

Happy 4th Birthday, Savannah-banana!

Opening our present!

Sweet Cousins

Noah's Second First Day of Kindergarten! :-)

Monday, August 6th was Noah's first REAL day of Kindergarten.  We found out that previous Friday (my last day at GSK!) that his teacher was going to be Ms. Shaffer.  He had a lot of supplies to take with him that first day so we dropped him off again but he took the bus home again.  He did great again and acted like it was just any normal day!!  So glad he's such an adaptable kid.

Kylie came with us to drop him off and then we handed her off to Andrea and Savannah.  That day was also Savannah's 4th birthday and Andrea was tracked out of school so Kylie got to spend the day with the birthday girl!

Kylie was excited too and had to wear her backpack also!  :-)
As soon as we got out of the car at school, we saw Morgan - Noah's friend from daycare.  They were so excited and held hands the whole way into school!  What a nice way to start!

So sweet

Noah found another friend, Ty, from daycare in his class!!

No big deal - get out of here, Mom!  :-)

And Kylie is off with Savannah!
After both our kids left us like chopped liver :-), Waylon and I took off to have a nice breakfast together.  That was so nice to do together after the kids were off enjoying their days.  I had the day off and started my new (old) job back the following day and spent the time going to the doctor for my arm (which is still not better from the fall at the lake a few weeks ago), shopping and getting a manicure and pedicure!  Nice day.

Noah got off the bus smiling again that afternoon.  I took a video of him getting off the bus this time and he seemed a little less than thrilled although I could tell he was really happy.  He had this funny smile on his face and was walking really slow.  Later, he said to me, 'Mommy, was the picture blurry that time?'  :-)  Turns out, he was trying to walk slow so I could get a good picture since the picture the previous week came out blurry!  :-)  So cute!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yet another great weekend!

The Farmers came to town!!!!  We finally got to meet Brooks and I was so excited.  We ALL went to dinner that Friday night.  It ended up being a very late night since we had a big group for dinner and we got a little bit of a late start but all the kids were so great and it was such a great time.

Sweet Brooks

Josh, Anise and Books
Saturday, we decided to do a repeat of the previous week and did another cookout down at the pool.  It was yet another fun day!  The kids helped me make cookies before we went and then they 'helped' me clean up, too.  :-)  They had so much fun playing in the sink for a long time.

One of our neighbors, Chris, spent a lot of time building a trailer for a huge TV that he had decided to make the 'neighborhood' TV and bring to neighborhood get-togethers.  Too funny!  He brought it to the pool and the kids had fun watching a movie while they had dinner.  :-)

On Sunday, we met the Farmers and the Atkinsons for brunch before Josh, Anise and Brooks left town.  We had to say hello to Finley, their dog, before they left, too!!  :-)

That afternoon, Waylon took Noah someplace (can't remember where now!) and Kylie and I had a fun time hanging out at home...

My sweet girl

That evening was quite a treat.  We had dinner with the Scholles - our good friends from our old neighborhood.  As much as we love our new neighbors, we really miss Janet, Frank, Maddie and Mason!  The kids had a blast together and it was so nice to catch up.  It had been way too long...

Mason is a silly silly boy!  Making everyone laugh.  :-)

Noah and Maddie picked right back up where they left off.

Getting the wiggles out after dinner

Silliness - I asked Noah why he wasn't making a funny face and he said, 'I was!'  HAHA. And then there's Kylie.  Nice.  :-)

Love Love Love this shot

Kylie let me braid her hair that night!  Wish she'd let me do more with it...
The next day was Noah's first REAL day of Kindergarten so that's up next!!