Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've been waiting so long to link this blog!!!

Baby to Be!!!

Congratulations, Jessica and Kevin!!
(although those of you at our party already know - since I screamed when she told me!!) :-)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Edward Scissorhands

Just an update on Noah's injuries... Luckily, no black eyes, but he did take another faceplant onto the corner of a bookshelf at school yesterday morning. This boy just can't stay on his feet!

He's looking better tonight, though....

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm a horrible mother.

Just as his wounds from last night were starting to heal and scab and look really nasty, he fell today as he was walking towards the deck and hit the bottom step right between the eyes. The nurse at the doctor's office said it's quite possible he could have two black eyes tomorrow because of where he hit... wouldn't that be something?
We are officially in the toddler stage. I hope they don't call social services at daycare tomorrow.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A fun weekend with a rough ending

We were actually home this weekend with no big plans!!! We have discovered though that we have to have 'activities' to get us through the day. Noah is offically totally mobile and loving it. There is no sitting and playing with toys anymore... it's pushing, climbing, running, grabbing.... on and on and on!

The weekend started on Thursday night when we went out to dinner to celebrate Aunt Jennie passing the nursing boards!! When we got there, we asked for a table for 6 plus a highchair for Noah, but by the time we were ready to go, we had 13 adults and 4 kids (Noah and the triplets) there to celebrate.... Congratulations, Jennie! We are ALL so proud of you!

We are trying to keep Noah to his 1 nap a day routine that they started in the big kids' room at daycare this week, so we also need activities to keep him awake in the morning! So Friday morning, we went to the mall to walk around with Kate and the triplets. That was lots of fun, too. When we got home, Noah took a 2 1/2 hour nap and I was able to get some things done around the house. That was really nice!

On Saturday morning, we met Waylon's parents at Pullen Park to play and picnic. That was so much fun!! We'll definitely have to go back there very soon. Here are some great shots....

Getting ready to ride the train with Nana and Grandad

Playing in the sand

Getting ready to ride the carousel... you can tell I'm not sure.
I didn't like it at all and Mommy, Daddy, Nana and Grandad decided they didn't like it either! :-)

Today we went to Crowder Park in the morning, then Noah napped for almost 3 hours while Waylon and I worked out in the yard! I'm love these long middle of the day naps... I hope it continues! This afternoon we went to Barnes and Noble and then had our favorite dinner... Mexican!
When we got back from dinner tonight, we were playing in the driveway and Noah took a little spill. He's okay but looks like he's been totally beat up. Poor little man. We'll see what he looks like tomorrow morning!! :-)

I hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm caught up!!

Finally, this post catches me up on our crazy life in the past month or so. This past weekend, we went to the beach with our good friends Steven and Kate. Kate's parents own a fabulous condo in Emerald Isle and we had a great time. Noah slept a lot (probably from getting over not feeling up to par last week... not to mention beach fun!), so we got to RELAX... a lot!! Steven and Kate spoiled us with good food and good company! Here are some pictures....

Checking out the waves with Steven and Kate

Building sandcastles with Daddy and Uncle Steven (can you tell which is which??) :-)

Napping on the beach

Kate making chocolate pancakes.... yes, chocolate pancakes... and they were SOOO good!

Some other things I've been meaning to post. Here is a picture of our new deck. The before picture is from a few years ago when we mulched the backyard for the first time... it's not the best 'before' pic but it's the best I could find.



This one is from last night. He was really enjoying carrying around the camera case... he was so proud! Notice the adorable outfit Megan and Jason gave him for his birthday!

These last few are from tonight. Today, he officially moved up into the next room at daycare. Poor little man, he got beat up on his first day!! Must be initiation. :-)

You should have seen the other guy... I mean thing...
I think this bump on the head came from a bookshelf

Someone bit him today... they keep the identity a secret but at least we know he or she has at least 6 teeth!! :-)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Party!!!

Since Noah's, Waylon's and my birthdays are all within a month and half of each other and they are all big ones (1st for Noah obviously and the big 3-0 for me and Waylon), we decided to throw a pig pickin in our back yard. Waylon's friend Travis has a pig cooker and does this all the time, so he did us a HUGE favor and cooked the pig for us. Travis got to our house at 6:45AM to start the pig, the first beers were cracked at 9 am, guests began arriving at 1:00 and the last partiers left at 12:30AM. I'd say it was a great party!! Here are some pictures....

Opening a present from Aunt Leah - a great bedtime book and 'sleep sheep'
I love balloons!!
This is what cooking a pig looks like! :-)
I set up a play area for all the kids... they loved it!
More cooking the pig pictures. :-)
The birthday boy with his good friends Eli and Elizabeth
Blowing kisses to the camera
Birthday Cake!!

He loved everyone singing to him... this is the expression he had the whole time.

Time for bed for Noah...

What a great time... thanks to everyone who helped out!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Unfortunately, Waylon had to work the weekend of the 4th, so Noah and I decided to make a trip to the lake. Although he still wasn't smiling too much on the boat, he's starting to warm up to it. At least he was interested in looking and moving around this time!! He still hates the life jacket. Poor thing.... he has about 12 more years to go of wearing it. :-) He loved swimming at the beach area though. Here are some cute pictures...

Driving Papa's car!

This stupid lifejacket....

I like to wear Mommy's sunglasses.

Rearranging Grammy's furniture

On the way to the beach!!

What is this sand stuff?

I love the water!!

So tired on the way home...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Noah's 'real' birthday

Here are some pictures from July 2nd. It was a Wednesday night, so we just ordered in food, ate a cupcake, and opened a few Mommy and Daddy presents. It was low key but fun. Grammy came back through town that night, too, so she was there to take some pictures of all three of us!

We got him a few small toys and a big boy chair! Check it out! :-)

More to come... I have pictures from 4th of July weekend and his big birthday party this past weekend.... check back later. I have to do this in small spurts until I catch up! :-)