Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach Week!

Two Saturdays ago, we loaded up the van and took off to the Wild Dunes resort in Isle of Palms near Charleston.... and I mean loaded up!! It's amazing how much you have to pack for two kids for a week! :-) Noah had fun watching a movie in the car and used the headphones for the first time. That was a nice treat for us cause we got to listen to our own music and actually talk!

Kylie was a doll also... we are so lucky to have two kids who travel well (so far anyway!)

On the way down, we stopped at South of the Border for lunch. It served it's purpose as a quick distraction from driving but it was exactly what it is meant to be - a horrible tourist trap! :-) Here is Waylon on the train there with the kids.

We just barely beat Grammy, Papa and Aunt Leah to the resort and were waiting for them as they drove up. Noah was really excited to see them and we got our keys and headed to the house to unpack. We had a quick dinner at home and then headed out to explore a bit. We went down to the pavillion and saw the pools and Noah got some ice cream. It was a beautiful place!
Noah wanted to try out this chair. :-)

Love this shot of Aunt Leah
We decided she's going to be Aunt Leah and not Aunt Ditter since Noah gets confused with two names.

Kylie and Mommy

Strawberry Ice Cream!!

Waylon, Leah and I took Kylie home and put her to bed and Grammy and Noah stayed out to let Noah explore. He had a blast jumping in the waves!

Sunday morning was Father's Day so we let Daddy sleep in until 8:30 when Noah couldn't take it anymore. He kept saying 'I'm going to go check on Daddy'. :-) At 8:30, we woke Daddy up with coffee and his first gift - a travel coffee mug with pictures that we got for him last year. The cup was washed and the pictures got messed up but it was time to update it anyway so I did that for him. It has a bunch of pictures of him with the kids on it.

Kylie sported her Daddy Loves Me outfit. :-)

When he came downstairs, he opened the rest of his presents and then it was Papa's turn. We (along with my mom and sister) got him an ice cream maker. It was put to a lot of use during the week and the ice cream that came out was so yummy!

Our plan was to each take a morning with Noah so when he woke up super early, he wouldn't bother the others but he actually slept pretty well during the week and his room had a TV in it so when he did wake up early, we just turned that TV on!!! :-) Waylon and I had decided ahead of time to really be on vacation and not fight naps or bedtime too much. Noah was on his own schedule (to an extent of course) and it ended up working out really well!

Grammy and Papa took Noah for a walk --
ALLL SET! (he did this at the lake last time we were there and he loves doing it now!) :-)

Swimming with Papa later that day.

Noah and Kylie swimming with Mommy and Papa

Kylie and Daddy - Kylie LOVED the water. She'd just splash and splash. Kylie's present for Father's Day - saying Dada for the first time!!

Going along with our 'no fight' attitude, Noah watched a movie in his room during naptime. We thought for sure he'd fall asleep while he was watching it but didn't. But sure enough, when he came downstairs, he fell asleep on the couch. :-)

While Noah was napping, we took Kylie for her first trip to the ocean. She was perplexed at first but loved it also!!

Sunday night we had dinner and drinks down at the Pavillion (near the pools). Near the end of dinner, a musician started playing guitar and singing. Noah started the dance party with the rest of the kids. :-) Kylie joined in, too....

Kylie started getting tired so my mom took her home to put her to bed and Noah got tired of dancing so he and my dad went back to the beach to fish while Waylon, Leah and I stayed to enjoy the music. It was very nice. I went home to help get the kids to bed and then came back out and we stayed out until they stopped the music at 10.

The resort offered swim lessons so we put Noah in a class from Mon-Thurs. It was so great -- for 2 days. Monday and Tuesday, Noah did so great and I was so proud but it went downhill on Wednesday - he didn't want to do anything that day or Thursday. It really did help him though and he was swimming with just a little help by the end of the week.

Noah and Miss Emily

This was a hilarious story (see picture below). My dad and sister swam laps while Noah had his class and at the end, my dad came over and tried to get Noah to get in with him. Noah was a little hesitant which was kinda strange and my dad was talking to him for quite a while. Finally, Noah quietly said, 'Are you my Papa?' My dad said, 'Yes, don't I look like him?' and Noah nodded hesitantly. Then my dad said, 'Do I sound like him?' and Noah said yes. Then my dad took off his goggles and said, 'Do I look like him now?' And Noah smiled and nodded. :-) :-) :-)

The Palmatier Women

The pool had a 'spash zone' where water shot up from jets in the pool deck. Noah had fun running through them.

Noah never took a nap on Monday and that evening, we had dinner at the house. We were finishing up around 7:00 and he was yawning and moaning and saying he was tired. I asked him if he wanted some ice cream for dessert and he said, 'No! Just take me upstairs and put me to night night!' It was so funny. We tried to hold him off a bit but he was ready and was practically begging to go to bed by the time we got him upstairs.

Tuesday morning, after Noah's swim lessons, we went into Charleston to tour the city. We walked around the market for a short time and then grabbed a bite to eat. Noah had fun coloring while we waited for our food...

Kylie was a happy girl, too.

After lunch, we decided to take a carriage tour around the city. It was about an hour long and I was a little worried that we didn't have an out if they acted up but they really did great. Kylie fell asleep for a little while and it was super hot but besides that, they were very well behaved. Noah thought it was cool to 'ride' the horses.

Unfortunately, just before we got on the carriage, my mom pulled her back. We are pretty sure she has a pinched nerve and it lasted the rest of the week (and still now, too). She was in a lot of pain for the rest of the week so that was a big bummer.

Papa and Leah doing '1, 2, 3 weeeee' with Noah

That night, we had reservations for 'Family Night' at one of the restaurants at the resort. They had a magician performing and a kids buffet for dinner. The idea was great but between my mom not feeling great and staying home, the kids being very tired and a mix up with the reservations, it was a little bit of a flop! :-) We still had fun though....

Here we are watching the magician - after this, every time we walked or drove by the place where he performed, Noah would say, 'That's where the magician lives!' :-)

Kylie was so tired and knocked out in the stroller in the middle of dinner.

Wednesday morning, after swim lessons, Papa took Noah to 'seining' - an organized event where they take a big net out in the ocean and try to catch some marine animals. The water was really rough and they didn't catch much but Noah had fun anyway.... (check out the picture below) :-) :-)

Once they caught something though, he was front and center

Since the kids took pretty good naps and were fairly happy, we went down to the beach after dinner at the house to fly a kite. My mom was still in a lot of pain so it was hard for her to get down to the beach but she made it. Here's Grammy and Papa *acting* old. :-)

Trying to get a picture of the kids together - here's what I got. :-)

The kite from Grammy and Papa

Kylie loved watching it!

Noah flying the kite.

Kylie with....


...Aunt Leah...

...and Daddy

Noah playing in the sand with Papa

He got SOOO sandy - even on his eyelashes!

After lesson on Thursday, Daddy and Noah rented a bike with a trailer to ride around the resort. They had fun but I guess it was a little short lived. Noah started saying he was tired and that Waylon was going to fast! :-)

After the bike ride, Grammy helped Noah make and decorate rice crispie treats!

Then some more pool time with the fam.

Kylie was very tired that evening. She fell asleep drinking her bottle and when I took it out, she was searching for something to suck on and found her lovey. :-)

We got Kylie to bed and left my parents to deal with Noah while Leah, Waylon and I went down to Charleston for drinks and dinner. As recommended by our friends Josh and Anise, we went to the Market Pavillion rooftop bar for drinks and then had dinner at 82 Queen. We had lots of fun and some really good food!

At the rooftop bar.

Friday was our last day and we spent a long time out on the beach. We went down around 10 and stayed until around 2. Grammy came down too so it was nice to all be out there together.

Have I mentioned that Noah had fun!?
The Parhams with Grammy and Papa

Kylie and Papa

Leah and Waylon tried to play bocce ball but Noah wanted to 'play' too. :-) Everytime they threw a ball, he ran after it and brought it back. :-)

More Papa and Kylie snuggles - she ended up falling asleep on him in the funniest way. :-)

Friday afternoon, while Noah was sleeping and Kylie was content, Waylon and I took off for about an hour to the pool bar. It was a nice little break.
Then we all got ready and dressed and headed out to dinner at a nice restaurant near the resort. Very yummy!

What a fun week with the family!!

Saturday morning, we packed up and headed home. Before we left, Aunt Leah gave Noah his birthday present - Chick Hicks (a Car's character) with his truck. Noah LOVES it and hasn't hardly put it down since we got home.

Our trip home was pretty quick - Noah watched another movie and then fell asleep pretty soon afterwards. Kylie slept a lot also and I snoozed some, too! We did stop for a late lunch and got backon the road prety quick. We had SOO much fun but were happy to be home also!
Updates on Kylie for the week - she's officially pulling up, saying 'dada' 'baba' and also CRAWLING! Life is about to get really interesting - yet again! :-)