Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring is here!!

We definitely have spring fever here!!  The weather has been so nice recently and we've been really enjoying spending lots of time outside.  It's going to be a great summer!

Going back a few weeks to the Thursday before easter (4/5) - Noah had a dentist appointment.  All looked great and his top two front teeth are a little loose!  I can't believe he might start losing teeth soon.  Where did my baby boy go??  I took Kylie along to get her introduced to the idea also since she takes a little more time to get used to these kinds of things.  She was interested but still a little shy about it all.  :-)

That night, I got a night out with my friend, Jenn.  Such a fun night!!

Friday was Good Friday so the kids' school was closed.  I had to work some so Waylon and I split the day.  He stayed home with the kids in the morning and I came home for the afternoon 'shift'.  :-)  I took the kids over to the playground across the street.  It was such a nice playground and we had a great time!

I took this picture as we were swinging 'spider style'.  So adorable!

Friday night, we had such a fun night!  Nana and Grandad came to babysit and we went to a nice long dinner with Megan, Dave, Megan and Jason.  We stayed for a long time and then they all came back to our house to play silly games afterwards.  It was a great time and reminded us of pre-kid days when we all hung out almost every Friday night!  :-)

Saturday morning, we took the kids to get some spring pictures taken.  Kylie wasn't so interested in doing it but we managed to get a few decent ones.  I think everyone was a little tired, too!!  :-)

And Kylie is done.  :-)

Saturday afternoon, we had the annual neighborhood Easter Egg hunt.  We have so many kids in the neighborhood and it's so fun!!

Waiting for the hunt to start!
Almost time!
They sent in the kids 4 and under first to get a head start.  I think we should have let him go in with the bigger kids cause he was done in just a few minutes!  :-)

All finished!

Daddy helping Kylie search

And here come the big kids!!

Kylie eating her candy
Kylie doing some light reading.  :-)
That evening, we went over to our neighbors' house, Carolyn, Eric and Abby's for some playtime and s'mores!  Some of our other neighbors were there and Noah had so much fun playing with Caden!! 

The kids found a bunny under the deck - must have been the Easter Bunny!!

Roasting Marshmellows

Real S'mores!

Easter morning - the kids were so excited to see their Easter baskets!!

Then it was time to get ready for Andrea, Sean and Savannah, Nana and Grandaddy to come for another Easter Egg hunt and a yummy Easter lunch!

Ready to take off - love how Kylie is looking at Noah here

On the hunt!

Savannah on the move!

Sweet Kylie girl

Attempting to get a picture of the three of them - sun in their eyes in this one.  :-)


Some group shots....

Our Easter lunch!  Notice my little chick deviled eggs (an idea from Pinterest)!  :-)

Easter baskets from Nana and Grandad
Having a twinkie for the first time - Grandaddy wanted them in their baskets!  :-)

Bubbles with Nana

Noah made a big one!
 Last week, we started some new activities.  Swim lessons on Wednesday and soccer for Noah on Thursday!  We started swim lessons with our teacher from last year to get ready for pool season.  They both didn't lose much over the winter and I think will pick it up again very quickly!

Noah did great with soccer also!  We weren't sure if this class might be a little advanced for him but he did great.  They even played a little 4 on 4 game and he really seemed to know what he was doing.  He did great on defense and even pulled back to defend the goal when the other team was getting close to scoring!  I did a little cheering and Waylon told me I was going to be one of 'those' moms.  :-)  I'm okay with that - my mom was one of 'those' moms and I remember loving hearing 'GO ROBO!' out there on the court or field.  I love you, Mom!

Last Friday night was another very fun night for us.  We went to our friends' house, Jimmie and Kristen - they have two boys, Nathan and Ben.  We had pizza and just hung out in their basement for a long time.  The kids were having a blast so we just stayed until about 9:15.  It's nice to have more flexibility with the kids these days.

Saturday was a very special day.  We did the Cystic Fibrosis walk as part of Addy's Army.  Addy is a 5 year old in our neighborhood who has CF.  It was such a nice event and Noah really understood that we were doing this for Addy.  It took me a while to figure out how to explain it to him but in the end he understood that Addy has CF and has to take special medicine to make sure she doesn't get sick and we were raising money for her medicines and to find a cure.  Addy's mom, Kirsten, recognized me because I raised the most of all the 'rookies' this year and Noah got that, too and seemed proud - he asked me about it several times later on.

Part of Addy's Army!

Walking with Daddy

Doing the dunk tank after the walk :-)

More games

After the walk, we came home to a huge pile of mulch in front of our house and we mulched all afternoon!  The kids slept for a bit but when they woke up, they played outside with us while we worked.   Again, it was nice to have the flexibility to have them be able to play while we kept working.  Kylie and Abby even watched a few Diegos on the computer on our front porch!  :-)

That evening, we had a party in the neighborhood to go to - it was a the party for our Football Pickem Group - but since we couldn't find a babysitter, we piggybacked on Tom and Margaret's babysitter.  The kids really enjoyed playing with Lauren and Cole and we got to enjoy the party downstairs for a while.  We attempted to put the kids to sleep there but that didn't really work so I went home with the kids and let Waylon stay for a bit.  What a fun and crazy day!

Sunday, we divided and conquered some errands.  Waylon and Noah went to the store and Kylie and I went to the mall.

Mother/daughter lunch - my mom made this shirt for me when I was little!

When we got home - time for yet another neighborhood party!  This one was a cookout and since it was so warm, the kids did some water activities.  So fun!  Have I mentioned I love our neighborhood and neighbors??  :-)

I made yet another Pinterest creation for the party and it was a huge hit!  The kids were grabbing these left and right.  I should have made more of these!

Rainbow Fruit Skewers

So excited!!

Conrad laying down the ground rules  :-)
Kylie enjoying the smaller pool

Look at that water slide!  Kylie even went down several times.

Jumping on the trampoline with Addy
Noah and Waylon left the party a little early to go to his friend, Anuj's birthday party.  It was at 6:30 on Sunday so they were pretty late getting home but he had a blast!!  What a nice weekend.

This week we've been back to work and tonight, we had a VERY impromtu cookout with Carolyn, Eric and Abby.  I'm talking, I was throwing pork chops in marinade at 5:50 and called to tell them we had a few extras and they were over at 6:00 with sides to go along with it!  :-)  Then two other kids from next door came out after we finished dinner and played with Noah, Kylie and Abby in the backyard for a while until bedtime!  So fun.

Like I said, we have major spring fever and are looking forward to more outdoor events this weekend!!