Saturday, February 26, 2011


Before I begin, I just had to post this picture from a few weeks ago. Noah taped up his moose and told me that he taped him up because he was "bleeding all over". It was so funny - he was so concerned! I was a little confused where this came from but it was pretty amusing. :-)

So, the kids are really getting sweet with each other. Of course, with that comes Noah getting frustrated with Kylie taking Noah's toys away and Kylie pulling Noah's hair. But they really are such good friends and are so sweet together. This particular night, I heard Noah saying animal names with the cutest little inflection in his voice - kind of sing-songy... "Dooooog", "Caaaaat", "Hooooorrssseee". I looked over and saw this....

He had his arm around her and she was pointing to each animal and he was naming them all for her. It was so sweet!! It really melted my heart. I managed to catch the candid picture and then of course had to snap some more. :-)

Another night I caught this picture of Kylie before bedtime. Here she is in some Valentine's PJs from Savannah - that hardly fit!! We've gotten a few hand-me-downs from Savannah recently that are already too small for Kylie! It's pretty funny cause Savannah is over a year older.

Another funny night. I was trying on some clothes and Noah decided to try on my shoes also. Then, of course, Kylie had to join in also! :-) She has to do everything that he does these days. It's pretty cute.

Noah was concentrating since he has on the high heels

Luckily, Kylie opted for flats. :-)

We've had a few playdates with Elizabeth and Jacob in the past few weeks. This was the first one - two Wednesdays ago. Both Daddies had to work late that night, so they stayed for some homemade veggie soup so that was fun! They are all so grown! Crazy. Oh, and check out Elizabeth's shoes!! :-)

At the end of that week, Noah wrote his name on all 22 of his Valentine's for school!! I was very impressed! He didn't need any help at all and just sat down and started writing.

On Thursday (the 10th) while the kids were in school, I had a nice treat. I got a massage! Waylon and I both got one when we saw a Groupon for a place near our house so I finally used it. Now, I need to convince Waylon to take time to get his!

That Friday, we got a package from Nana for Valentine's Day. I caught some pictures of them opening it and talking to Nana on my phone.

I got the kids some new PJs and thought they looked adorable watching a TV show before bedtime. :-)

On Sunday morning, the kids had a nice surprise... Grammy and Papa showed up! I think they were having some withdrawal since it had been about a month since they'd seen the kids. They were at the lake for the weekend and then came to our house on Sunday morning and then my dad flew back that evening and my mom stayed to hang out for the week.

When they got here, we had a big breakfast that Waylon cooked for us all. It was very yummy!

Grammy had also sent a Valentine's care package and this outfit was in it so we put it on. Course, it was the day before Valentine's so we had to wash it that night so she could wear it again on Monday! :-)

We walked down to the neighborhood playground that morning...

I love this picture and was bummed that we couldn't see Noah who was in the wagon. :-)
So I took another one. :-)

That week, I (yet again) ran Grammy ragged. On Tuesday and Thursday, when the kids were in school, we ran all around looking for some things that we needed for the house. We made a lot of headway - purchased mirrors for the bathrooms and picked out top choices for some other things - extra lighting we needed for the kitchen and a family room rug, etc. It was nice to have the help and her opinion. We also managed to have lunch with two of my old coworkers that Tuesday. As always, thanks for all your help, Grammy!

I put Kylie's hair in pigtails one night that week. She mostly screamed until we took them out but they were pretty darn adorable! :-) Hey, she's gotta learn young that beauty doesn't come easy, right?? :-)

Another cute one of Kylie. This is one of their new games - they take turns hiding in this cabinet. :-)

My mom let on Thursday night. Since the weekend was going to be beautiful, my dad decided to come back to the lake, so she went back there and met him.

Friday was BEAUTIFUL!! We spent as much time as possible outside that day and ended up having some friends over that night to eat the first BBQ of the season! :-)

Here are the kids that day in their summer garb...

Saturday morning was Soccer for Noah and we all decided to go. My friend Brandy was in town and she has a cousin here who is Noah's age and does Hockey at the same center so we caught up with her there which was nice. Kylie was really clingy and tired though and almost fell asleep - very out of the ordinary first thing in the morning. Right before we walked out, she proceeded to throw up all over the floor! We felt horrible but they were really nice about it. At least we didn't have to clean up much!

So we went straight home and she went straight to bed. She slept for 2 hours, got up to eat a half of piece of toast and a small piece of banana, had a nasty diaper and went back to sleep for another 3 hours! After that, she seemed much better and seemed to be on the mend. It was pretty strange!

In order to give her some downtime and keep Noah entertained, Waylon and I tag teamed with the kids. He took Noah out in the morning for some errands and after nap, I took him over to Aiden's house - Brandy's cousin. Noah had so much fun playing with him and I enjoyed having some time with Brandy, too!

That night, I went out to dinner with my friends, Jenn and Megan. It was a nice outing. Since the kids are getting easier to handle in the evenings, Waylon and I have been enjoying being able to getting out more so it's been fun!

Sunday morning, we went to see the new house with the kids. It's really coming along!! We went to see it again later in the week so there are pictures below.

That afternoon, Nana and Grandad came over to visit.

And we went out to dinner at one of our favorites, Bass Lake. Noah loves it there cause it has one of those claw games and Waylon always wins him things from it! This time, he got 3 stuffed animals!! :-)

Another nice week last week - for the most part anyway. The weather has been so up and down but we are really enjoying the ups anyway! Here is Kylie "playing" cornhole. :-)

On Thursday, after a morning of working on job searching and applications and emails, I met Waylon out at the house at lunchtime (the kids were in school). They now have the granite in and some appliances and lighting!! It's so exciting. They were supposed to be staining the floors this past Friday so we are so excited to see that! It's really coming together and making it harder to wait to get in!!!

The kitchen - I know it's hard to see with the light on (the guy was working on the tile backsplash) and you also can't really see the granite since it's covered but you get the picture anyway.

Here is one of the mirrors that my mom helped me get for our master bath. You can see the granite a little better in this shot. It's the same as in the kitchen. You can tell Waylon really loves me in this picture. :-)

The dining room with the light fixture installed!

And here are some of my favorite touches....

Mud room built in

And (both sides of) my closet!!!!

Friday, we had another playdate with Elizabeth and Jacob. Elizabeth is in preschool so we made a quick stop at the mall before heading to their house for lunch...

Jacque picked up lunch for us all and the kids had a blast. I wasn't sure how long we'd last but they had so much fun that we didn't leave until almost 2:30. It's nice that they are now a lot more flexible.

I don't get quite as many pictures during playdates as I used to since it's pretty much constant craziness so this is one of the best ones I got! They had a jump house on their screened in porch and they all had a blast in there! So fun!

So that takes us up to last Friday and since I started this post on Friday night, I didn't get the weekend pictures in! Sad, right?? :-) I'll try to get another post done this week to catch up and not get so behind.

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful weather if you are nearby! It was beautiful here today and is supposed to be the same tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One more picture from today.

I heard Noah saying different animal names and looked over to see this... he was reading to her! It made my heart melt.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Unemployed - again!

So, here we go again! Last Friday was my last day at my job so it's time to start looking again. This time is kind of strange as compared to last time. Last time this happened, Kylie was only 3 months old and it was kind of nice to have that extra time with her. This time, both kids will still be in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I will be searching for a job, taking care of (new) house stuff and just trying to try to stay on top of things at home. Today was my first day alone so it was a little strange. It's going to take some getting used to - but hopefully I won't have too long to get used to it! :-) If anyone has any leads on any part-time jobs, let me know!!

So, an update of our past week and a half. The day after my last post, Wayl
on and I had a date afternoon. We met at lunchtime and went to see the new house, took in a movie and went to have an early Happy Hour. It was a really nice afternoon for us!

Saturday morning was Noah's first day of soccer! He was really excited and had a great time but you could tell he was getting tired while he was doing it. Later, I asked him if he had fun and if he wanted to go back. First he said yes but then he said, 'Well, actually, I don't want to go back cause I got all sweaty and stuff.' HA! I was a little worried how the following week would go because he kept saying he didn't want to go back because it was hard but once we were there, he went right in and had a blast. This past weekend, I took shorts and a tee-shirt for him to play in so he didn't get all 'sweaty and stuff'. :-) Here are pictures of the first class....

Warming up

Kylie wanted in on the action, too.
His coaches are great - I hear Coach Rob is one of the best so we are glad to have him!

Saturday afternoon, we took off to the old neighborhood for Maddie's birthday party. It was so fun!! All of the kids were really well behaved and they had so much fun. It was a princess party so they all got a tiara or crown when they came in and Janet had them all decorate their own wand. It was also a beautiful day, so they had a bounce house set up in the back yard, too!

They had a tent set up in the living room and Kylie and Mason had a blast in there.

As soon as I snapped that picture, I remembered this one taken in September of 2008 in the tent in our old house. Noah is just a little younger than Kylie is now in this picture. Time just flies.
We tried to re-create the scene but this is as good as we got. :-)
And here they are now, listening and following Janet's directions for the craft.

Painting his wand

The bounce house!! After most of the guests left, Janet, Amy (Stella Dot's mom) and I got in the bounce house. It was hilarious... and EXHAUSTING!!

Kylie and Mason had fun, too!

Cake time!

Kylie and Mason shut it down.

Time for presents. Noah was really excited to give Maddie the present he picked out - a puppy that walks and barks.

The three stooges - it's been a while since we'd all been together so it was great fun!

Silly Faces

Noah showing off his decorated wand just before we left.

Sunday was a beautiful day - almost 70 degrees!!! What a nice surprise. Waylon and his dad were working on his car so the kids and I headed over to Nana and Grandad's too after nap and met the Sharpes over there also. We had so much fun playing outside in the beautiful weather!

After dinner, a little Dora. So cute to see them all sitting together. :-)
And a bedtime story before we left of course.

Last week was another busy one as it was my last full week at work and I was working Monday and Friday again. The kids did great though and seemed to be adjusting to going every day (just in time to yank them out to two days a week!). :-) They are so flexible.

One day last week after school, I was giving Noah a hug and felt something bumpy in his back pockets. This is what he pulled out. :-) He said Liam and Meredith put it there. HA!

Friday was my last day at work and it was pretty laid back. We went to lunch and got to talking about the saltine challenge - eating 6 saltines in 60 seconds. It's very difficult because your mouth gets so dry. So we decided to try it out as a group! :-) At 2pm, we all met in our office to try. None of us made it in 60 seconds but Sara finished in about 80 and then Jenn and I finished shortly after. It was pretty funny... I'm going to miss this crew.

Most of our group.
Me, Jenn and Sara shoving it in!

We went to Happy Hour for a bit that evening and then I met Waylon and the kids at dinner that night. It was a little emotional but I'll keep up with them for sure....

Saturday morning was soccer again and that went well. This time Noah and I went by ourselves and Waylon and Kylie stayed home. We all went back out for lunch/brunch (Waylon had another wheelbarrow - some of you may recall that post also!). :-)

After naps, we went over to Savannah's for a playdate and ended up staying for dinner and bath. It was a fun time!

Noah and Savannah helped Andrea make Valentine's cupcakes. So fun!

Kylie had fun watching.

Kylie learned how to ride Savannah's big wheels. She figured out how to push the button and make it go. It was so cute!

Sunday morning, we took a trip out to the new house. They are really moving along! The drywall is up and the hardwoods are in (unfinished). They were there working on tile in the bathrooms when we got there. Won't be long now!!!

In the family room looking towards the kitchen
Noah being silly!

In his room. :-)

Our master bathroom - tiled!

The floor of the porch - they are almost done with the stone work - just have to finish the columns!

So exciting!

Sunday afternoon was another treat. Our friends, Jenn and Jay, had a superbowl party and she lives less than 2 miles from Waylon's parents' house, so we dropped the kids off with Nana and Grandad and got to go to the party by ourselves. It was lots of fun and lots of yummy food!

Yesterday, the kids were home with me which was nice since it's been while for that and today is my first weird day at home! Should be interesting to see what's next for me in the job world.... who knows right now!