Sunday, August 3, 2014


Soccer at Netsports!  Both kids loved it...

Silliness at our annual neighborhood Halloween party.  Waylon was Miley Cirus and I was Robin Thicke (from their interesting performace at the VMAs)...  :-)

Bike riding in the pool parking lot!!

Playtime with Abby

Girls night out to see Bon Jovi

Trip to Maryland (Kylie's turn this time) for Leah's second baby shower!

Happy Birthday to Aunt Leah and Papa!

Grammy gave Kylie a necklace that used to be mine when I was little (given to me by my PopPop)

 Baby shower pics (need to add more here!!)

Kylie with Stella (Leah's friend Kimberley's daughter)

Kylie stayed the week with Grammy and Papa by herself and did all sorts of fun things!!

Meanwhile, Noah had lots of fun time at home - including a day out with Nana and Grandad on his own to tour the Air Force museum...

Kylie's school pictures  :-)

A sleepover with Savannah!

Trip to the park and a photo shoot

Then Tucker's 1st birthday party!!

NCSU Basketball game

 Kylie didn't quite make it through the whole game...

Pretty girl!

Thanksgiving lunch at Kylie's school

Climbing the rock wall at the gym!

Getting ready to meet Santa at our neighborhood Santa party!

Dinner out for Grandaddy's birthday

Thanksgiving at our house with Grammy, Papa, Nana, Grandad, Andrea, Sean, Savannah and Sean's dad, too!  What a fun day.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing extended family.

My three favorite boys!

Noah had a sleepover with Jake and Ben

Conrad looks thrilled.  :-)

Nap time!