Monday, August 26, 2013


 We had a great June -- here it is through pictures!

Some silly time in the tunnel
Kylie and I went strawberry picking while Noah and Waylon went to a birthday party for his friend, Cole...  it was hot but very fun!

We got a lot!

Afterwards, lunch at McDonalds
 Noah came home from school with a to-do list:


Coloring in the tent

The next day, Kylie had a birthday party to go to.  They got to have their nails, toes and hair done at this party!  What a treat.

The birthday girl - Mehr

Kylie wasn't sure about getting her hair done

Mommy wasn't quite sure after it was done either!  :-)

But cupcakes make everything better!

Finished products
 When we got back from the party, we met Daddy and Noah at the pool

Sweet Jonah

Kylie loves watermelon!
The following Friday, we had dinner out with the Rodriguez and then a movie night afterwards.  The kids wanted to ride home with them so Conrad did follow the leader.  :-)

This is how movie night ended -- everyone was tired!  Although, I think they were playing it up just a tad.  :-)
Saturday was the Hombergers' annual 'Derby' party.  Since they were out of town for the Kentucky Derby this year, this party was during the Belmont Stakes.  Always fun!

Next year we'll have to get a better hat for Kylie!!  :-)

The 4-5 age range horse race.  Notice Noah and Ben's tongues both out!  :-)
That Sunday, we went out on Jordan lake with the O'Briens and the Sweeneys.  Quinn and Stacey are part of a boat share program so we went out for a few hours.  So much fun!

Stephanie, Stacey and Me

Hannah and Noah tubing

Me and Kylie tubing


Tired at the end of the ride!

 We went and got Mexican with Nana and Grandad that night.

The following weekend was fun - Saturday night we had a party to go to so that kids spent the night at the Sharpes house.  They had a great time!  The next day was Father's Day, so they brought the kids back to our house and Nana and Grandad came home to have a Father's Day celebration at our house.  Noah and Kylie gave Waylon their homemade presents from school.  :-)

All the fathers and the kids
Earlier that week, we had a quick storm come through with crazy winds and a tree came down on our playset.  :-(  Noah got this for his second birthday so it was the end of an era!!  It was pretty rickety and Waylon had been meaning to firm it up anyway.  So we just decided to give it up and just hang the swings on the trees out back - they didn't use much more than the swings anyway.  The kids were surprisingly fine with it.  And Noah really enjoyed breaking it into pieces with the hammer!

One day the following week was Noah's field day.  I loved being able to go and watch it since I was still out of work at the time.  He had a blast.

This same week was the week everything changed for me.   When I first got laid off, I had an interview (a few days after) but I didn't get the job.  After about a month, I got a call to do some consulting work so I did one day of that and was planning to do that until I found something just to bring in some extra money.  Two days after I did that for the first time, I got another interview and got the job!  I was about to accept that job when the very first company called me back and asked me to meet them and gave me an offer on the spot!  How crazy to go from no bites for a month and a half to three different opportunities!  So we had some decisions to make and I ended up going with the first company I interviewed with right after I lost my job.  I took an extra few weeks off since we already had a vacation planned for 4th of July week and I started on July 8th.  I am so happy where I am now and know made the right choice!

Cuties at dinner
We had some work done to the house that week as well.  Had a patio put in, a small retaining wall and all new plants!  We think it looks great!

Noah is started to get into legos - it's cute to see him concentrate so hard!
That Friday, we went to the Zac Brown Band concert with the Rogers, Sus and Marshburns.  What a fun time!

I borrowed some cowboy boots for the occasion  :-)

Silliness with Allen

The boys singing!  :-)
 Saturday night, Savannah came to spend the night with us.  We did make-your-own pizzas and played in the backyard before a movie night in the playroom!  Fun fun!

Their pizzas before they went in the oven

Snuggles for Daddy/Uncle Waylon

Love this shot of Noah!

On Sunday, we went to lunch and the kids threw coins in a fountain.  Right after this picture, Kylie told me, 'I wished for Grammy and Papa!"

Sunday afternoon was a joint first birthday party for Jonah and Will.  The kids played on the Rodriguez' big waterslide and had a blast.

Cutie naked baby!  :-)

Another dinner out with the Rodriguez the following week

That Wednesday was Noah's kindergarten performance - two days before his last day!!  They sang several songs with hand motions and props.  :-)  It was so adorable and a little sad to know it was almost over.

The whole class
'First Grade First Grade' to the tune of 'New York New York'  :-)

Our sweet boy!
A pool night that week
Last day of Kindergarten at the bus stop that day!

Kylie and I waiting to pick him up
After his last day, we hopped in the car and took off to MD.  Saturday was Waylon's birthday as well as Leah and Bill's first anniversary party.  It was their wedding reception, as well as the baby reveal - they officially announced that they were pregnant and we all learned together that their baby is a GIRL!  They had the results put into an envelope and their baker put pink icing into a cupcake and we all found out together - including Leah and Bill!  :-)

But first -- Saturday morning, we celebrated Waylon's birthday.  The kids and I went to pick up doughnuts for him before he woke up.

Then Waylon and I went to lunch in Baltimore and for a tour of Camden Yards while my parents took the kids to a farm.  What a nice day!

Camden Yards and the birthday boy

We ran into my friend Sarah from middle school!  I don't think we'd seen each other in 8 years!

The kids had fun with Grammy and Papa too and got to ride a horse!

Noah loved it!

Kylie wasn't sure  :-)

That night at the party, Leah and Bill told the kids that they are getting a new cousin.  It was hard to keep the secret and I was so happy for everyone to know!  :-)

They didn't quite get it at first

So happy!

So sweet!

THE cupcake
Announcing to the crowd -- it's a GIRL!  (check out Bill's face!)  :-)

Dancing with my cousin, McCauley 
The next day, Waylon drove back to NC to work a few days and my dad and I took the kids to the lake for our annual lake week.  My mom and Leah came Monday and Bill and Waylon came later in the week.  Everyone was tired after a long night the night before.  :-)

The kids call Papa, 'the Teaserhead'  He sure is!  :-)
Pictures from the lake week will come in the July update!!  What a wonderful summer!!