Sunday, February 17, 2013


If you are reading this,  I'm assuming you will be happy to know that I've decided to continue with this blog.  I will probably be scaling back on the journal side of it though and will most likely only be posting once a month - or at least, that will be my goal (I know we are over halfway through February at this point but I'll do better for the rest of the year!).  :-)

So, here is my January post on our happenings...

Noah was tracked out for the first several weeks of January so his vacation from school continued for a while.  He went to Netsports for a few weeks with a few of the neighbor kids and then spent a whole week in MD with Grammy and Papa.  Kylie enjoyed some alone time with Mommy and Daddy that week but missed her brother a lot!  Otherwise, we were just enjoying some down time after all the holidays and working on our bedroom makeover (we've been having a designer helping us out with redoing our master bedroom so that's been fun).  Here are some pics...

Our little scientist - using the science kit that Nana and Grandad got him for Christmas
Kylie helped, too!

Silliness before school one morning

Noah's friend, Preston had a birthday party at Frankie's and Kylie got to enjoy the fun, too!

Noah with two of his school buddies, Preston and Drew
A fun night at Abby's house! They are really starting to play together a lot more these days
We did some carpooling with Jake, Ben, Addy and Jack - Noah loved it!

Kylie and Noah had a sleepover in the playroom one night.

Grammy flew down to take Noah back to MD with her and we met her at the airport.  The kids brought her flowers and we surprised her by going in to pick her up!

Waiting for Grammy

So happy!
The weather was beautiful that weekend so we spent a lot of time outdoors with Grammy that weekend.
We went to visit the Sharpes and the kids were excited to see how big Flynn had gotten.
Fun playtime down at the pool parking lot!

The next day, Grammy and Noah flew back to MD together.  Here are some pictures I got from Grammy from his trip - so much fun!!

I can't believe they let him get up here!

After dinner snuggles with Papa
A trip to the nature conservatory
Yoga with Aunt Leah at her school!

Pizza with Aunt Leah and Uncle Bill
He played lots of checkers and got pretty good at it!

Love Aunt Leah!

Air and Space Museum with Grammy - this is the Wright Brothers plane!

While Noah was gone, we had a good week with Kylie alone.  We also had a night out on Friday and Kylie got to spend some alone time with Nana and Grandad which she loved!  Waylon and I went to see Willie Nelson (his Christmas present).  It was a great show!  His son opened for him and they were both great.  We also had a nice dinner out before!  A fun date night.

At the show

Willie - he's looking a little old! :-)
Silly Waylon - Noah wanted me to include this picture on the blog  :-)

Our caterpillars changed into butterflies that week also!
Grammy and Papa drove Noah back on Saturday and the kids were so excited to see each other!!!

That night, we had our annual get together with the Peelers.  We have taken to getting together with them after the holidays cause it ends up being easier to get everyone together after the busy holiday season.  We missed having Reeves, Leah and Bill there but everyone else was able to come!

The 'kids'  :-)
We had oysters and I discovered that I actually liked them!
We found this inside one of the oysters!  Too funny.

The group shot

And of course a silly shot!
Karen gave the kids NC Stat piggy banks
Grammy and Papa got Noah a big boy bike while they were here!  No training wheels!  Now he just has to practice to learn.  :-)  He hasn't shown a whole lot of interest in bikes before now so we are excited.  He's only had a few opportunities to try since we got it - the weather has been pretty unpredictable - but he's excited!

Saying goodbye to Grammy and Papa after a week together!!  Thank you so much!!

That Monday, I took the day off for Noah's last day of track out.  I kept Kylie home also and we met Megan, Ryan, Peyton, Megan and Tucker at the park!  So fun.

So sweet!!
Silly girl trying on my boots  :-)
After such beautiful weather, it was a surprise to get 'snow' (ice) that Friday.  Noah got off school early because of it so we had another afternoon together - and this is what happened....

Kylie dripped glue all over the floor!!  I did learn that glue is water soluble though so you can clean it up pretty easily.  :-)

They played on the porch for a long time - it was so cold!
A few other playtimes and parties with neighbors...

Hanging with Ms. Carolyn and Will (Abby was there too!)
Playtime with Addy during a neighborhood party
That wraps up Januray's update.  I'll do another one for February's events after this month is over.