Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monthly Update

Looks like I'm on a new schedule for this blog.  I used to update once a week and now it looks like I'm on a once a month schedule!  Hopefully I can get back to doing it a little more often.

Going back to Valentine's Day.  We got the kids each a card and a stuffed animal.  Kylie wasn't too happy with her choice and wanted Noah's doggie at first but seemed better with it that night.  :-)

I was actually suffering from a pretty bad cold that day and came home a little early to relax on the couch.  I was much happier when I had my kiddos there to relax with me that night!  :-)

I actually received a Valentine's card from Noah at work, too!  So sweet of his teachers to send it to me in the mail!  I guess Waylon was supposed to get one from Kylie but he never got it!  :-(

So sweet!
Silliness on the weekend with the kids...

Crazy Kylie

Silly Noah

Helping Daddy make pancakes Saturday morning
Noah had a birthday party to go to and Waylon took him, so Kylie and I took a girls trip to Target and lunch at Chick-fil-A.  We had fun and so did the boys!

More silliness
Grammy arrived late Saturday afternoon.  She was going to come on Sunday but they were calling for snow so she decided to come down a day early.  That worked out well for Waylon and I because we got a night out Saturday!  :-)  The kids were so excited to see her.  She stayed through the week and kept each kid home one day and took them to a museum.  They had so much fun!

When Grammy asked what Noah wanted to do with her, he said, 'make an airplane!'.... so they did!

Starting the project

Noah helped a lot - can you tell?  :-)

The finished product!  Go Grammy!

Reading to Kylie

The kids love Grammy's iPad!  I had to threaten to take it away in order to get this picture.  :-)

A picture Grammy sent me from the museum - Uncle Michael met them there during lunchtime.

Listening to a book on Grammy's iPad again.

We got a new bedding set for the guest room while Grammy was here!

Friday was a beautiful day and the kids and I spent a lot of time outside.  We played on the playset for a long time and they were so happy to be out in the warmth!

Kylie loves to swing!

Big boy!

Cutie Patootie

Having so much fun together!

Then we moved to the garage and rode bikes.

Loving the warm weather
Saturday was a busy day.  We had a birthday party for twins in Noah's class and Kylie was invited too.  It was at Monkey Joe's and they were pooped afterwards!  But we kept going.... left there and took the long way to Nana and Grandad's so Kylie could nap a bit in the car.  We were there to celebrate Andrea's 40th birthday!  A fun day!

It was a huge birthday party!  So many kids.

They love 'horsie rides'

Andrea opening her birthday presents

Royal and Danita came over and brought Lily Kate to play.  They had a great time.  Lily Kate is only about a month younger than Kylie so they were really cute together.

Playing babies
The next morning, Noah set up a little obstacle course for himself and looked at me and said, 'Watch this, Mommy.  It's going to be so cool!'  I had my doubts that it wouldn't end in tears but it worked out.  I got a funny series of pictures....  :-)

Kylie has been asking me to paint her fingernails so we finally did it that following week.  She was SO excited - and we had to have purple of course!

Daddy gave the kids a little lesson in his namesake, Waylon Jennings and his son, Shooter

That Saturday was a fun day for both kids.  Waylon took Noah to the museum and Kylie had her own playdate with a friend from school, Emma.  We did so many playdates with Noah at this age - with Maddie and Stella Dot mainly - but we haven't done this sort of thing with Kylie much.  She was so excited and had so much fun!!  And Emma's mom was so nice, too.  Love making new friends!

Look how happy she is!  :-)

Good Friends!
That evening was more fun - my childhood friend, Keri came over with her husband Chris and their 4 daughters!  Lydia is 9 months older than Noah and Abigail, Bethany and Phoebe are 9 months older than Kylie!  Just as it's nice to make new friends, it's so nice to catch up with old friends!

Sunday was a lazy morning at home.  The kids had fun reading about our Disney World trip and reminiscing.  They were cute talking to each other and showing each other pictures.  :-)

I took Noah out to walk and splash in puddles.  He got soaked!  It was fun.

That afternoon, the Sharpes and Nana and Grandad came over for some playtime that turned into a quick Chinese takeout dinner also.

Last week was a tough one.  We found out on Monday morning that Waylon's good friend, Cory's mom passed away so we had a few events for that through the week.  Very sad.  Then, Friday night, after playing and having dinner at the Sharpe's house, Noah got sick in the night and wasn't feeling well Saturday morning.  He bounced back fairly quick though and we thought it was something he ate so we went on with our plans to go out to dinner - Nana and Grandad babysat for us.  But then I got it in the night on Saturday and was pretty much out of commission all morning today.  I guess we also managed to pass it on to Savannah and Sean.  :-(  Waylon really picked up with the kids while I was in bed all day today and they even made me get well soon cards!  :-) 

We are hoping this week will be better and that Waylon, Kylie, Andrea, Nana and Grandad will escape the tummy bug!  We are looking forward to having Grammy and Papa come visit us this weekend!