Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend at the Beach!

We had such a great weekend at at the beach with Waylon's side of the family! Here's the weekend update with pictures interspersed.

We left on Thursday morning and arrived in Ocean Isle around 12:30 - Nana and Grandad were there waiting. Noah slept for about an hour in the car so we weren't sure what to expect with naptime. We had lunch and immediately went out to the pool to play (we had one at the house where we stayed!).

Andrea and Savannah got there a little bit later (Sean drove separately to drive down his boat) and they joined us at the pool, too.

Thursday night, we made tacos for dinner at the house and celebrated Nana's birthday with chocolate cake, ice cream, and presents of course! A few weeks ago, Andrea and I took the kids to Lundie's to get professional shots of Noah and Savannah done. We framed a picture and gave it to her for her birthday! Here are a few of the proofs from the shoot....

On Friday morning, despite an overcast sky, we headed out to the beach to play! Here's Noah in his get-up. He looks sad cause he was ready to go and we weren't! :-)

Savannah wasn't quite sure about the sand and didn't want to put both feet down! Too funny.

Noah and Daddy played and played in the sand. That made for a nice relaxing time for Mommy! :-)
Nana and Savannah
When we came back to the house for lunch and nap on Friday, we discovered Noah's favorite thing of the weekend - the outside shower! He was so excited playing in there and also enjoyed the hose, too. He was so funny running and squealing.

After nap on Friday - Noah wanted to sit next to Savannah and hold her hand. They are so cute together.
We took lots of pictures of them sitting together but this was the last one! :-)
(don't worry, he didn't actually get her but I thought this picture was hilarious)

More pool/shower/hose time on Friday afternoon and Noah was worn out by dinnertime. Here he is watching the Jungle Book while we were grilling burgers and hot dogs for dinner.

Saturday morning we lazed around for a bit and Savannah decided she hadn't slept enough! :-)

Looking at pictures with Aunt Andrea

Then it was back to the beach to play some more!

Noah (going through the 'mine' phase) said 'My Daddy' and had to sit on Waylon's lap, too.
Splashing with Grandaddy
Saturday afternoon, Andrea, Sean, Savannah, Nana and Grandad drove down to Little River to take out Sean's boat. Waylon and I stayed back while Noah napped. I spent the whole time at the pool and Waylon napped then went for a run. When everyone got back and Noah woke up, it was back to the pool again!

Noah is doing really well with swimming. He has no fear and loves to jump off the side of the pool. He's learning to kick and use his arms, too (those swim instructor years are coming back to me!). We are planning to take some lessons this summer so I'm really excited about that.

Floating with Grandad
More time with the hose. :-)
Last night, we drove down to Calabash for dinner and met Phyllis and Clarence there. It was so nice to see them - the last time we had was last fall in Myrtle Beach! Group pictures after dinner....

This morning, we played at the pool a little more, packed up and headed out. Noah slept the whole way home and we got here around 12:30.

This afternoon, Noah and I went over to Maddie's house to play for a bit and we went out to get Mexican with Janet. Frank. and Maddie for dinner (always an interesting feat with two toddlers!).

Noah was very tired tonight and it didn't take much to get him to sleep! We had such a fun filled weekend and really enjoyed spending so much time with family! Now it's back to reality. Have a great week everyone!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A great weekend at the beach.

We've been having a great long weekend at the beach and are sad to say we are going home tomorrow morning. I'll update the blog tomorrow night (hopefully) with lots of pics but here's a great family photo we got tonight!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Noah is going to have a little......


We are so excited and just keep getting more excited as the time ticks by!

Everything in the ultrasound looked great and our little girl is healthy and right on track!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Overview (besides the boo boos!)

Thursday was Waylon and my 4th wedding anniversary. I made crabcakes, twice baked potatoes, and salad and we ate outside by candlelight after Noah went to bed. It was very nice and very much like a date night! Afterwards, we watched our wedding video. It was fun to remember what we said and see how much fun we had!! :-)

On Friday morning, we took Noah to the NC Zoo. We had so much fun! It was one of our first outings as 'just us'. Usually we are with grandparents or another family or something. It was nice!
Ready for a day of fun!

Checking out the turtles with Daddy

Noah chose to ride the lion and was so excited before it started, he was 'shimmying' back and forth. So cute.

Noah picked out a snake to take home as a souvenir
We didn't leave the zoo until almost 2:00 and Noah didn't sleep great on the way home but was no worse for the wear. When we got home, Noah and I rode the tractor together for a while to help Waylon mow the lawn. Then we all know what happened when Steven arrived on Friday night!

Saturday morning, we went to breakfast and ran a few errands. Then, while Noah napped, Waylon and Steven went for a tour of the Carolina Brewery in Holly Springs. In the afternoon, we got Maddie's swimming pool and set it up in our backyard in preparation for a cookout we had on Sunday. Noah of course had to test it out, so we had Maddie come help test too! They LOVED it!

On Sunday afternoon, we had a cookout for Memorial Weekend. Waylon made BBQ and everyone brought a side or dessert. We had lots of kids running around swimming, running in the sprinkler, and just playing! It was so fun. I think I've learned that I need to take more pictures of adults, though!! :-)

Nana and Grandad brought Noah a new bubble mower and he LOVED it!

Rory and Maddie
Lydia, Abigail, Chris, and Phoebe
Noah in the pool with Stella Dot, Maddie, and Eli - what fun!
Taking a break

Noah and Eli
Noah playing in the sprinkler with Brendan and Maddie

Yesterday, we just relaxed and took a break from the busy weekend. We even watched Tinkerbell in the afternoon! Noah really enjoyed it and actually watched the whole thing. I justified that much TV time by how much we had done outside all weekend! :-)

Today, back to work and then tomorrow is a big day!! We get to find out if this next baby is a boy or a girl! I can't wait!!!

Then, Thursday we leave for Ocean Isle Beach with Nana, Grandad, Andrea, Sean and Savannah. We are so excited for the first beach trip of the season!

Monday, May 25, 2009

How the boo boos look today

But this is how I feel about it.... it's all good!

I'm planning to post later today about the rest of our weekend - stay tuned!