Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lake Weekend and Swim Lessons

We had a 3 day workweek that following week and then took off on Thursday to head back to the lake!  This time with Waylon's family.  We usually do a long weekend at the beach each year but this year, we couldn't seem to find a suitable place, so my parents were nice enough to let us use their place for a long weekend!

We left Thursday morning and arrived just before lunchtime.  Nana and Grandad weren't too far behind us and after a quick lunch, we went almost straight into water mode!  :-)  Water play on the porch with the water table, water guns and what else? - buckets!  :-)

Andrea and Savannah left town around 3:00 and arrived just before dinner. I texted this following picture to her when she was on her way and told her to hurry up!  :-)

Savannah was excited to get into water play also and just decided to not even worry with her bathing suit!  :-)

On Friday morning, we were down on the beach by about 9:30.  The kids were so happy!

Look at the resemblance!  :-)

Waylon went fishing with Noah's little net.  :-)
Grandaddy caught one also!
Around 11, we jumped in the boat and took off for lunch at the marina

Waylon and his parents
Before lunch, we of course have to feed the fish!

Such a sweetie

They fed this cute goose who had a hurt leg.  Poor thing.
And everyone had to have a turn driving the boat, too!

 After a little bit of rest time, we went back out and did some tubing...

Aunt Andrea and Noah

Andrea and Savannah
Mommy and Kylie

Walking back to the house

Silly Kylie-girl and Grandaddy

Snuggles before bedtime that night

Saturday morning, Uncle Sean arrived and we went back to the beach again.  This time, we took fishing rods and Noah almost immediately caught the biggest fish of the day.  Of course, that got everyone's attention and they kept trying.  They were catching them but nothing too big....

Noah's big catch!  :-)
Sean and Savannah fishing

... lots of fishing

This was Waylon's version of fishing - with the next patiently waiting for one to swim in  :-)


They had fun jumping off the pier
While we were out there, Kay and I decided to go back to the house to get one of the kayaks.  On the way back to the beach, as we were coming down the hill, we hit a slippery patch of some kind of plant or algae or something and I went down first.  I tried to catch myself with my arm and overextended it or did something strange.  Then Kay came running after me and her feet slipped out from under her and she went down on her back and hit her head!  Waylon and Sean came running up the hill and were slipping also.  Andrea was on the beach with Savannah and Kylie who were crying calling for Mommy and Nana - it must have been quite the site to see!!  :-)  Luckily, we were ok.... a little sore but okay.  I had some trouble moving my arm and ended up going to the doctor on Monday after we got back but I think it's going to be okay.

Anyway, after coming back in from the beach, we put the girls down for a quick nap and Andrea, Sean, Noah and I went back out to tube and wakeboard.  We were so excited that Andrea got up almost immediately!!!  Go girl!!

All set

There she goes!
Noah had so much fun watching.  He looked a little tired or bored and I asked him if he was tired and he said, 'No, I'm having so much fun watching Aunt Andrea!'  :-)  Then he told her that he'd give her $100 if she got up and since she did, he drew her a $100 bill after we got back in to the house!  :-)  So sweet.

Sean gave it a good try too - we'll work on it again next time!

Saying goodnight to Nana and Grandaddy on Saturday night
After we put the kids to bed on Saturday night, Waylon, Andrea, Sean and I went out to the bar close by.  It's always entertaining to go there and we had a blast!

Sunday morning, the plan was to spend the morning outside and leave after lunch but it was overcast and pretty nasty out so we just spent the morning cleaning up and doing laundry and took off a little after lunch.  What a nice trip!  Always fun to spend time with family.  And thanks to Grammy and Papa for letting us use the lake house!

When we got back on Sunday afternoon, I tried braiding Kylie's hair!  It worked out pretty well and I'm going to attempt it again.  She doesn't want me to mess with it too much so it's hard to get it to look nice...

She was proud when it was done though!

Kylie is into picking her own outfits for school and she usually does a pretty good job.  This day though, she really went above and beyond!  :-)  At least we were able to talk her out of the long fleece pants (on a 100 degree day!).

The kids are both doing swim lessons on Tuesday nights down at our pool and they are both doing such a great job and having a blast!

Happy, silly girl

Jumping in

That's Noah's arm up in the air - doing freestyle!
So, this post finally brings me up to date!  It took a while but I finally got there.  This weekend, we have a pretty low key one so we are excited about that! 

We had Meet the Teacher day at Noah's new school today (although the Kindergarteners won't know their teacher until next Friday).  We met all the Kindergarten teachers and got all sorts of information about the upcoming school year!  Crazy!  School starts Monday for Grades 1-5, but they do a staggered entry for Kindergarteners.  Depending on the last name, they go one day the first week and the teachers evaluate them and determine which class they should be in.  So Noah goes to school on Wednesday, Aug 1st for his evaluation day and then we'll get a call on Friday, Aug 3rd to let us know who his teacher is.  Then, Monday, August 6th, he'll officially start!  He's SOOO excited!

Then.... some more big news.  Next Friday is also my last day at GSK!  I'm going back to Scynexis on August 7th!  I get a new job for my birthday!  :-)  It all happened pretty quick but we are pretty excited.  I'll still be a contractor so I'll be working 5 days/week but shorter hours so I can get Noah on and off the bus each day which is really nice.  Eventually though, the goal is to make it a permanent position - which we would be happy about at this point (especially since we live closer now than when I was there before).

So lots of new and fun things coming in the next few weeks!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good times and Old Friends

After we got home from Noah's birthday party, we didn't stop and immediately started getting ready for another party!  Earlier in the week, we had gotten a message from Waylon's old friend, Will, who was going to be in town with his family and wanted to know if we could all get together.  We offered to host a get together with all the guys they grew up with and their families.  We never thought everyone would be able to come but were THRILLED that everyone could!!  7 families - 14 adults and 12 kids.  It was a blast and we all enjoyed catching up after way too long.  The kids had a blast together too which was really fun to watch!

(L-R) Keith, Dustin, Waylon, Cory, JB, Will, Robert

Dinner time!

All the kids!
Everyone stayed late and the kids were exhausted and slept well that night!  Sunday morning, we cleaned up a bit and had a much needed lazy day....

Playing with her baby

Daddy's girl

Love this one!!  :-)

My handsome man

Beautiful Kylie-girl
Around 5:00 that evening another one of Waylon's old friends, Steven, his wive Kate and their daughter Samantha came to visit.  They are also expecting another baby next month!  They were on their way back home to Greensboro and just stopped for a quick visit and dinner.  It was so nice to see them, too!


Noah had so much fun playing with Sam during dinner

What a cutie patootie!

Time to say goodbye!
Another fun fun weekend!