Monday, April 26, 2010

A crazy week

So, we are pretty sure that our sweet little boy has officially hit the terrible twos. Everyone says 3 is worse so I think we are getting there. Today, he was a little better than he had been the past 4-5 days, so there is still some hope that he might have been going through something but we'll see! He's still sweet in between but he's testing his independence and us, too! Last night, we were trying to get him to stop playing with bubbles and come inside and he just had a fit. But an hour later, as he was getting his PJs on, he said, 'Daddy, I'm sorry about the bubbles'. What a sweet boy.

Anyway, back to last week. Waylon was travelling and I did well on my own! Sunday night went smoothly and I think Noah knew he had to help me out because he was a really good boy (his 'phase' didn't start until Wednesday). And Kylie is such a good kid, too. We started a new bedtime routine with her a few weeks ago, so she gets a bottle downstairs and then when it's bedtime, we read her a book, sing a song, and put her down with her paci and lovey and she's out! Amazing. So when I had them by myself, I just read a book to both of them together, said night night to Kylie and then went in Noah's room to read him a few more books.

Monday morinng was Kylie's 6 month doctor's appt. The stats (surprise, she's big):
Weight: 18 lbs, 5oz (90th percentile)
Height: 27.5 inches (95th percentile)

She got a clean bill of health and a few shots which made her a little fussy with a low grade fever that night but nothing too bad and her developmental milestones were at a 7 month old level. What can we say, our kids are advanced! Haha. :-)

Monday night, Waylon's mom came over to help with bath night. It was nice to have company and help!

Nana reading a bedtime story

Tuesday I was on my own again and it went well again. A funny story from one morning while Waylon was gone..... Noah woke up at 6am and told me he had to go potty. He went and then said, 'I want a lollipop'. I told him we couldn't have a lollipop and go back to bed so he asked again. I explained again and he asked again. This happened a few times until I told him 'you asked, and I answered and that's it' so I left his room. Then he started in with a fit and came running into my room. I had laid back down and closed my eyes and he came in and sweetly said 'I want a lollipop'. When I just ignored him, he collapsed on the floor again screaming 'I want a lollipop!!' He must have said that a million times that morning. Finally, he got quiet and I thought he was going to fall back asleep on the floor in my room but then after a while, he got up and came right up to my face and in the quietest of voices, said, 'I want a lollipop.' It was so funny. He said it twice and then I opened my eyes and asked if he wanted to get in bed with me. He thought for a minute and then said, 'Yeah Mommy.' Then I pulled him in bed and he said, 'I'm happy now!' :-)

Waylon got home on Wednesday morning and picked up the kids that afternoon. They were both excited to see him and so was I! That night, Nana came back with Grandaddy this time and babysat the kids while Waylon and I went to see Shooter Jennings open for Alice in Chains! Those of you who know me know that Alice in Chains isn't really my taste but Waylon has been dying to see Shooter Jennings (Waylon Jennings' son) for several years now so we decided to go. It was fun even though Shooter only played for about 30 minutes. Here we are at the concert...

Thursday and Friday, we spent a lot of time outside cause the weather has been so nice. On Thursday, Noah decided to try to get in Kylie's jumper. I told him he was too big to get in there and he looked at me with puppy dog eyes and said, 'But I really really want to jump.' :-)

On Friday morning, we had Kate and the triplets, Megan and Ryan and Natalie and Mackenzie over to play. 4 toddlers and 3 babies! It was so crazy, I didn't get any pictures when everyone was here but Megan and Ryan ended up staying all day so that was great. We had some down time when Noah and Kylie were both sleeping and I rocked Ryan to sleep in my arms. I'm already starting to feel nostalgic about Kylie growing up. She's getting so big!
Kylie, Ryan and Noah

Had to post this one also since Kylie has such a pretty smile. :-)

After a crazy week with the kids, I took the day off on Saturday! Waylon kept the kids alone all day and I took off shopping with two friends from work. We met at 10am and I didn't get home until almost 5:00! It was so nice to just take my time walking around the mall and to buy a few things for myself (thanks Mom!). :-) We even had a nice relaxing lunch on the restaurant's patio and enjoyed a drink!
On Sunday morning, we kind of had another impromptu playdate. It all came together pretty quickly but we yet again had 5 toddlers and 3 babies at the house! Evia Eli and Cole, Amy and Stella Dot, Andrea and Savannah and Janet Maddie and Mason all came over to play!!
The crew minus me, Noah and Maddie

Everyone brought their bikes so we could ride in the street while Mason and Kylie had some brunch.

We noticed them all congegating at the end of the street and here's what they were doing.....

They found a mud puddle!! Oh it was too funny. I was convinced to let them just have fun even though I had put Noah in a brand new white shirt. Ironically, I had never put it on him before cause it was so white and I knew it would get dirty. But that morning, I thought, if I never put it on him, he'll never wear it so what the heck! Course this was the dirtiest he's ever gotten! :-)
Even more funny was the fact that Maddie got NO mud on her and Stella Dot had a few spots but Noah and Eli were COVERED. The girls were picking flowers while the boys were playing in the mud!! :-)

The only way to get them all cleaned up was to strip them down in the driveway and spray them down with the hose!! It was craziness. Here's some action shots of Amy and I trying to get everyone cleaned. Amy soon took control of the sitution cause I was having a hard time controlling it all! Thanks Amy! :-)

Once we had everyone dressed in Noah's clothes, we sent them all upstairs to play in Noah's room. About every 5 mintues, one of us would have to go up to police them and Maddie ended up with a bandaid on her face because guess who hit her in the face with a block? Yup, Noah (he apologized and she said 'that's okay' and they hugged it out). For the most part they had fun up there while we were downstairs getting lunch ready. Here they all are eating lunch. In order to get them all to look in the same direction, Amy pointed out in the yard and said, 'Oh my gosh, look at that!!!' So it makes me laugh that they are all looking so intently to see what it was! :-)

After everyone left, I had a little much needed down time while both kids slept and Waylon mowed the lawn (he worked out and had some time alone while all the craziness was happening!). After naps, we hung out in the backyard and got some prep work done for our flower beds that will be full in a few weeks! We are going to do some major planting soon finally!
Later that evening, Maddie and family ended up in our back yard again so that was a fun little surprise. Waylon and Noah were in the backyard and next time I looked up, there was Maddie, Frank and Mason! Then Janet came by also so we had some playtime before dinner. At one point, Noah was blowing bubbles and I heard this exchange:
Maddie: Can I try that now?
Noah: Yes! You can!
Maddie: Thank you!
Noah: You're welcome!
Wow! I was in awe to hear that and it was so sweet of both of them. I'm trying to focus on the positives cause there really are a lot of those, too! :-)
Today was back to school and work and we are looking forward to the next few weeks and getting the back yard looking a little nicer for summer!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We had a good week and weekend and now it's head first into the week as a single mom. Waylon left today for Houston for training so tonight was my first night putting both kids to bed on my own (only took 6 months!). :-) It went well and it was empowering knowing that I could do it on my own.

Back to our week in review -- my 'work week' was good and I was excited to be home on Thursday and Friday with the kids. I think I'm really going to enjoy working part time again. Kylie did great with her first week of daycare. She was happy when I dropped her off and picked her up and I think she was pretty happy in between, too. I think she's still getting used to sleeping with all the activity but she's already improved so she'll adapt quickly. Have I mentioned what a good baby she is?! :-) I feel so proud to have two great kids.

Thursday morning, Elizabeth, Jacque and Jacob came over to play. We played outside for a while and then came in for lunch.

After lunch, Noah and Elizabeth wanted to play in Noah's room and it got suspciously quiet. When we went to check on them, this is what we found. Elizabeth had Noah's big boy underwear on and Noah was buttoning up one of his PJ tops on her.

Then they climbed in bed together. :-)

Then he had to put on some PJs, too so this is how the playdate ended.... :-)

Here's just a cute shot of Kylie from Thursday - she's sitting up so well now! - outfit compliments of Savannah's adorable wardrobe. :-)

On Friday morning, we met Megan and Ryan out for some shopping and then they came back to our house to play during Noah's nap. Kylie was very interested in Ryan and wanted to give him kisses. :-)

Friday afternoon, I finally let Noah tear into his chocolate bunny from Easter. When he got it on Easter morning, he looked at it and said, 'it's a bunny!' and I asked him what kind of bunny it was and he said, 'a brown bunny!' Then he looked down at it and said, 'Thank you Easter Bunny!' :-) I decided not to tell him it was chocolate at the time and just put it away. I figured I better let him eat it cause if not, I was going to eat it!! :-) He was really excited and loved it.
I told him to hold up the bunny for the picture and when he did, he said, 'Happy Chocolate!' That's my son. :-)

Friday night, we went to our favorite mexican restaurant for dinner and sat outside cause the weater was so beautiful. Afterwards, we ran into the grocery store and Noah and Kylie rode together in the car cart. So cute!!

Saturday was a fun day. Nana and Grandad came over to babysit and Waylon and I went downtown to Cuegrass - a BBQ and bluegrass festival in downtown Raleigh. It was so much fun! I don't have any pictures because I didn't take my camera with me because I didn't even carry a purse! It was amazing. :-) I kept felt like I was forgetting something. We had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with friends.
Noah didn't nap for Waylon's parents (as we expected) so he was super tired last night - which ended up working well for us cause he slept until 8am today! Kylie slept until about 7:45 also so it was a great morning for us.
Once we all finally got up and moving, we took off to Lake Johnson to feed the ducks, take a walk and have a picnic. It was a nice family outing before Waylon had to leave for Houston this afternoon.

A silly shot of Noah feeding the ducks. :-)

Waylon and Kylie

Heading back to the car.

Another big milestone this week. I gave up breastfeeding. It was big decision but it had been coming for a while now. I had been a little concerned about my milk supply for a while and with going back to work and Kylie just getting more active and squirmy, we decided it was time. It's strange since we probably won't have any more kids and it feels so final but we are okay with it.

Tomorrow will be a busy morning trying to get both kids going first thing by myself, get Noah to school, take Kylie to her 6 month checkup (six months already!), take her back to school and get to work for a few hours before having to pick them up and back home for the rest of the evening! Phew. Luckily, Waylon's mom is coming over to help me out tomorrow night so that will be a huge help! Then Tuesday I'll be on my own again and Waylon will be home on Wednesday. Wednesday night will be interesting -- Nana and Grandad are coming to babysit yet again (we are so fortunate and grateful!) and we are going to see Shooter Jennings and (are you ready?) Alice and Chains! :-)

Hope you all have a great week.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The video as promised! :-)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lots of pictures!

Well, since I started back to work, things have been very busy so it's been a while since I posted. Tomorrow is Kylie's first day at daycare (since my mom was here the past two weeks) and I'm feeling a little emotional about it but I know it will be okay. Having the time away has already been good for me so I know it will be good. My mom took her to school on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week to just get some face time with the teachers and the room so that made me feel better.

Noah has been a handful the past week or so but he also has had an upset tummy and pretty bad cough (which may be allergies since the pollen has been crazy) so I'm really hoping he's going to get over it instead of it being just the 2/3 year old thing. We'll see though! Today was exceptionally tough so I'm super tired talking about it right now. :-)

Anyway, looking back to before Easter when Grammy was here...

On Thursday, Grammy hid Noah's Easter Eggs again (from his hunt at school the day before) while he was napping so he had another private hunt while Kylie and I watched from the porch. :-)

Such a big boy-- I've been feeling exra emotional about him seeming grown up since he's been potty trained. It just seems like somehow he all of the sudden became so big!

Grammy left late that Thursday afternoon to meet Papa back at the lake for the weekend before heading back for the second week.
Friday morning - the kids playing. Kylie just adores Noah. It's so cute to watch them together.

The weather has been beautiful (except for that silly pollen) so we've been trying to spend lots of time outside. And it's fun to put Kylie in the summer outfits!

Yet again - big boy!!

Saturday morning, we went to Andrea, Sean and Savannah's house to have an Easter Egg hunt and brunch. It was so much fun as always!
Noah driving Savannah on her car. Look how he's concentrating so hard. :-)

The third Easter Egg Hunt!

Kylie found an egg, too!

Sean and Waylon drove the kids around at full speed. It was so funny to watch.

Kylie was enthralled with Grandaddy's watch! :-)

After a long nap for Noah and some rest for us, we took off again to visit Steven and Kate and their new daughter Samantha. They were visiting Kate's mom on her farm in Wendell so Noah had a blast riding in the truck and tractor and seeing the cows and ducks.
The boys went for a ride in the pickup truck out into the pasture to see the cows close up. Noah even sat on Steven's lap and drove! He loved it.

Then Kate took him for a ride on the big tractor. He was in heaven!

The new family. :-)

Sunday morning was Easter and Noah was so excted when he came down the stairs. He looked when he came downe the stairs and said, 'Bakskets!!!' -)
Here he is helping Kylie check out her goodies.
Waylon made a nice breakfast and just stuck close to home and relaxed (ha) most of the day - lots of outdoor time again. Grammy came cak that evening and we all went out to dinner. We had planned to grill but had been outside so long and we decided we didn't want to cook!
Monday was back to work fo me and some good Kylie/Grammy time - which meant good Kylie pictures for us! :-)

On Wednesday night, Mike, the guy who has been training Waylon in his new job, came over for dinner. It was nice to meet him and luckily, he was a kid person. Noah was all over him (literally by the end of the night)! During dinner, Noah started being silly and made Kylie just die laughing. It was so funny! I got video and am hoping to get that up soon but in the meantime, here's a picture.

Thursday morning, I had a hair appointment, so Grammy was nice enough to stay one more day so I could get a few things done (and have the company!!).

Noah wanted to feed Kylie her breakfast and it was so sweet. He did a great job.

How adorable is she?!
After nap on Thursday, we ran some errands with Grammy and then met Great Uncle Michael, McCauley, and Daddy out to dinner
Grammy left early Friday morning so I was on my own for the first time in a long time!! :-) It went well and Noah was a really good boy that day so that was nice. I was even able to take both kids on a few errands that morning, which was nice.
Yesterday, after a slow start to the day, Waylon went out to mow the lawn and the kids and I took a walk (and biked) around the neighborhood with Janet, Maddie and Mason. After nap, we ran out to Target for a quick family shopping trip. It was Kylie's first ride as a big girl in the cart! :-)
Today was a busy day and like I said at the beginning, we are all super tired tonight. First thing this morning, we went to the NC State Arboretum and had some professional family pictures done with Waylon's parents and Andrea, Sean and Savannah. I think we got some great shots and I can't wait to see them! The shoot lasted a while and then we went to lunch afterwards so we were all very tired by time we made it home close to 2!!
While Noah was sleeping, Waylon started working out in the yard and I was (attempting) to get some things done in the house. After he woke up from nap, we played outside with Maddie and Stella Dot. We started riding bikes but ended up in the backyard. It was fun to have the first real backyard playdate of the season - even if Noah was a pill!! :-)

In their outfits from the photo shoot. Savannah had a matching dress, too! :-)

Kylie and Mason - it made me feel good that they got some face time today because they will be in school together tomorrow! :-)
Noah, Stella Dot, and Maddie swinging (with Maddie's Grandmomma pushing in the background)

So that bring us to now. In addition to being a challenge, Noah has been hilarious over the past few weeks, too. He's been saying some funny things that I've been trying to write down so I'll have to post them here soon. He's so sweet with his sister and she just loves him. No one can make her laugh like he does and it melts my heart to watch. Busy and crazy as it is, I absolutely love my life and everyone in it.