Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Summer!

I'm way behind. I didn't realize how long it had been since I had posted until I started going through pictures and realized how many I have to post!!

A few weeks ago, we pulled out the pool and have been having lots of fun outside since it's been so warm. Kylie also got her first taste of a swimming pool. As expected, she loved it! I think we have two water babies on our hands.

Dinner later that night - gotta love messy face pictures

Noah feeding Kylie puffs. She loves these now and can put them in her mouth herself.

That following Saturday morning, Maddie and Mason came over to play in the water. Kylie was antisocial and slept almost the whole time, but Mason had fun anyway. :-)

Noah and Maddie had fun in the pool!

Later that day, I went to a baby shower for my friend, Alana. It was so fun to see her and lots of other old coworkers!

Playing the belly game.

Christie and Alana

Saturday was a very busy day, when I got back from the shower, we had a neighborhood picnic. It was so fun to hang out with the neighbors. There were lots of kids and Noah had a blast.

Phoenix (Kylie's friend who lives accross the street), gave Kylie a Mum Mum and she loved it! We need to get some for her. She's getting so big!

Noah and Maddie with Carlissa, a little girl from down the street. She was so sweet with the little ones and watched over them for us.

They played with Carlissa's whiteboard and his hands looked like this when they were done! :-)

Kylie eating her puffs - and happy about it!

On Thursday morning, I saw something in Noah's ear and when I pulled it out, I realized it was his tube! He got these when he was 11 months old so this one stayed in almost 2 years! I guess the other one is still in - we'll see for sure at his 3 year old appointment in July. Here's what it looked like --

Here's just some really cute pictures of the kids from Thursday afternoon...

On Friday, Megan and Ryan came over to check out the pool. Love these little girl bathing suits - guess where they came from? (where else? - Savannah!)

Noah was tired that morning and laid down for a bit - I thought it was cute seeing my kids lounging together after lots of play time! :-)

Such a big boy

Ryan is really growing up, too!!
He wasn't so sure about the water.

Friday was also our 5 year anniversary! I can't believe it's been 5 years since our wedding day. That was the first of the 3 best days of my life! It was fun to remember what we were doing at different times of the day. Waylon came home with a dozen roses and we had a nice dinner outside at the mexican restaurant - much different atmosphore than 5 years ago with two kids and eating at 6 pm! :-) I couldn't be happier about it though.
Saturday was a very special day. Waylon's dad came over and took Noah for some quality Grandaddy/Grandson time. They went to a car show together while Waylon and I took Kylie to a restauant downtown to wait for our friends Dave and Megan - who were off getting engaged!!!! Dave planned a huge scavenger hunt for Megan - at the end of which she found him with a ring! Then he brought her to lunch where a bunch of us were waiting. She was really surprised to find us all there and it was so fun to be there to celebrate with them. Congratulations Dave and Megan! We are so happy for you!

Dave with the girls

Kylie enjoyed lots of attention - she's not used to getting all of it! :-) I think she had fun being with us alone some. She got tired while we were there, so we put her down for a nap in her stroller. She's such a good baby. And yes, that's a dinner napkin for a blanket! :-)

The woman of honor with Kylie
When we got home, Noah and Grandaddy were playing outside. Noah had so much fun getting some one on one time. It made us decide that we need to have some Noah dates. We are going to make a concerted effort to each spend some alone time with him.
On Saturday night and Sunday morning, Noah and I went over to Maddie's house to take care of their cats since they were out of town. Noah was very proud and I told him he could earn money for doing it and we could go get something special for him the next day. When we got home on Sunday night, he asked where his money was but I didn't have any cash! So I pulled out my wallet and counted out the change I had in there. It was 65 cents in dimes and pennies and after I piled it all in his hand, he said, 'THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!' It was so funny. So we went to Target on Sunday morning and he picked out a helicopter from the Cars movie. He was very proud.
On Sunday evening, we met Nana, Grandaddy, Andrea, Sean and Savannah for dinner and I got this great picture...... look closely. :-)

On Monday, Waylon left for Houston for work. Grammy was here to meet us when we got home from work/school that night to help! She's been helping with the kids and cooking and doing laundry so many helpful things! Thank you so much, Grammy!! Today, she kept Kylie home and they both enjoyed some one on one time (further proving our need for one on one time with the kids). Waylon got back in town this afternoon and tonight we enjoyed a yummy dinner that Grammy made for us! Grammy is going to stay with us tomorrow and then the kids and I are going to go to the lake with her to meet Papa whlie Waylon gets some things done around here. We'll be back on Sunday though so we can still enjoy the holiday as a family.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day, Sickness and Plants!!

Last Wednesday, Noah and Kylie came home from school with Mother's Day gifts for me! Noah's was a homemade recipe holder. He made the 'tulip' out of spoons and told me the week before, 'We made flowers out of spoons today! Ms. Jessica said don't tell our mommies'. :-) It was funny and I knew I was getting a flower spoon but didn't know any other details. It turned out really cute and the 'recipe' was the best part. Ms. Jessica said he just kept talking so she just kept writing. :-) If you can't read it, you can click on it to make it bigger....

This is what Kylie came home with. The top says, I love you berry much Love, Kylie and the black spots are her thumbprints. :-) So cute!! We have the sweetest teachers.

On Thursday morning, Savannah came over to play for a bit. They had a great time as usual. We left all three kids alone very briefly in Noah's room and when we came back, Savannah was sitting behind Kylie with her legs around her unbuttoning her shirt. :-) It was so funny!
Here is Noah and Savannah on the playset that morning...

After lunch on Thursday, Kylie threw up everything she had in her little tummy. It was pretty scary for me although Kylie didn't seem phased at all. She did it a few other times through the weekend and had some other tummy issues, too so that wasn't fun but she seemed okay until a bad cold hit right on top of it on Sunday.
Friday morning, Grammy and Papa came to help us with the kids while we had a planting extravaganza on Saturday. Noah was excited to give Grammy a new bag for Mother's Day. Grammy brings 'Grammy's book bag' with her when she comes to visit and we thought she could use this for some books - when she's not using it for a beach towel!! :-)

I ran a few errands Friday afternoon (after fighting with Noah to take a nap - a battle that he won that day), and when I came home, this is how I found Grammy, Papa, Noah and Kylie. I thought it was so sweet seeing them all relaxing in the yard together.

Friday night, we took advantage of having babysitters in town and went out to dinner with my coworker Jenn and her husband Jay. It was really a fun time - especially getting out before our crazy day on Saturday.
Bright and early Saturday morning, we started working in the yard. Waylon's dad came over in the morning and helped us dig holes. My mom was mainly in charge of Kylie (complete with tummy issues) while my dad and Noah ran out to get a few more plants that we needed.
After a quick lunch break, we got back to work and Noah put on his new bathing suit and proceeded to - you guessed it - play in the mud while we worked! I didn't get pictures of him all muddy but this bathing suit is now more yellow on the parts that are supposed to be white. :-)
Here we are working....

Around 3 or so, my mom tried to take Noah upstairs for some reading and quiet time but he never fell alseep. He wanted to watch Cars and this is what happened about 5 minutes after the movie started.... it was a busy day for all of us. He slept here for about 2 hours - and we weren't being overly quiet either! Too funny.

And it was well worth it, cause here's the finished product!!!

Sunday morning, my parents left pretty early to head back to MD. On their way home, they stopped in DC to celebrate Mother's Day with Leah also. But before they left, Noah and Waylon made us all Mother's Day muffins! Very yummy. And I got a GREAT gift! A gift card for a massage, manicure, and pedicure to the Umstead Spa! So exciting!!!

While Kylie was napping and Waylon was mowing the yard, Noah and I made red velvet cupcakes. Check out the clown. :-)

Kylie started really not feeling well on Sunday afternoon so she was extra snuggly.
Loving my babies on Mother's Day. I couldn't be happier.
Kylie and Noah slept at the same time that afternoon, so Waylon and I spent some time out on the deck to enjoy the fruits of our labor. It was such a beautiful day and it was nice to just relax out there for a bit. Then, Janet and I met Andrea at the nail salon and had manicures and pedicures. It was a lot of fun!
Andrea and I came back to our house and met the rest of the family here for a Mother's Day cookout. We attempted to get pictures of the three kids (I got a great outfit for Kylie that Andrea saw and loved on Thursday so I told her to get the same one so we could try to get more pictures). Between an almost 3 year old and almost 2 year old and a sick 7 month old, we got a funny series of pictures....

Nana Grandaddy and Kylie
Monday was back to work and school but Kylie was still not doing well. I felt bad that I didn't keep her home - she cried when I left her for the first time ever and that was heartbreaking. I ended up picking her up early and she took a good nap at home before Waylon and Noah got home later on. After dinner, Waylon got a good shot of me with both kids...

Tuesday morning, Kylie was still worn down, so I decided to keep her home. Daycare told me I could bring both kids on Thursday instead so I worked yesterday instead of Tuesday. It was nice to have a day alone with Kylie and there was lots of sleeping and snuggling involved which was fun for me and good for her.
Twice she fell asleep eating - the first time was when she was having breakfast (solids). I got a video of it which I'm trying to get uploaded but it's not working so we'll see. It was so funny!!

Then she fell asleep drinking her 11am bottle. She was a sleepy girl that day!

Wednesday, she went back to school and seemed to be feeling much better. She's still sniffly and coughing but seems to be in pretty good spirits so that's good. She has been sleepy today also (slept for 2 hours this morning and I had to wake her up and is now going on over 2 hours again for her afternoon nap!).
This morning, we went into school to drop off our handmade cards for the teachers at school. This week was teacher appreciation week and I organized it for Kylie's room so we had gift cards to take to them also. Noah had fun playing with his friends on the playground for a while and then we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. Noah has been really good and well behaved today so that's been really nice.
We're looking forward to a nice (more relaxing?) weekend. Hope you all have a good one also!