Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday to Kylie!!

On October 15th, our beautiful little girl turned 3 years old.  She's a big girl with a big personality.  She knows exactly what she wants and doesn't waiver.  She's stubborn, smart and so funny!  We couldn't ask for more!!

I'm THREE!!!
We took Oreos and Cheetos in for her to share with her friends at school for snack time and since Noah was still tracked out, he was able to come celebrate with her too.  And I surprised them both by getting off work early and picking them up.  It was rainy out so we took a quick trip to the mall to let them play in the play area before dinner.

Kylie's choice for dinner was mac and cheese, hot dogs, and peas.... she gets that honest - that was Waylon's favorite meal growing up (minus the peas)!.... so that's what we had and then we had cupcakes and opened presents!  Such a fun family night.

Noah took this one for us

Love this expression - while we were singing to her  :-)

Sharing the candles with her brother

Happy Brother!
Apparently, our kids just like the icing.  :-)

Kylie's done

So is Noah  :-)
 Present time!

Noah rearranged the presents and was so proud

A leotard for dance class!

Noah gave Kylie a My Little Pony

Noah also picked out this doll for her

A new doll bed/high chair/storage

A happy three year old!

Noah had fun with the doll  :-)
The aftermath
That Thursday, Grammy arrived to help us prepare for Kylie's 'friend' party on Saturday.  Kylie was also sent home early from school with a fever that afternoon.  :-(  We already had her 3 year old physical on Friday morning and apparently it was just a virus of some sort - no ear infection or anything - and the fever was gone on Friday (luckily!).  I'll have to look up her 3 year old stats but basically, as we all already know, she's big.  98th and 97th percentile for height and weight.  She's ~38.5 lbs and I can't remember the height.

Friday night was a lot of prep work for the party (Thanks, Mom!!) and Saturday morning was the party!!  We had decided a while ago that we'd do a pumpkin party and decorate pumpkins but then after she went to Abby's party, she decided she wanted a princess party!  So I somehow convinced her that we could do a 'Pumpkin Princess' party so I worked hard to get that worked out.  I think it turned out great though.  She loves purple so everything was purple and orange and was really cute!!

Papa flew in for the occasion Saturday morning and of course Nana and Grandad came, along with Savannah, Andrea, Sean and several other of Kylie's good friends!  We decorated pumpkins, ate yummy food, bobbed for apples, played in the playroom and on the playset outside, opened presents, sang and ate cupcakes.  Such a fun, nice party!!

The spread

I was trying to take a picture of the fireplace and someone jumped in front of the camera - what a ham!!  :-)

Arts and Crafts

I'm three, Papa!!
Cutie Pie

In action!

So fun!

Kylie's pumpkin

The finished products!
Present time

Cousin love

Lunch time
 Time to bob for apples!  Most kids got them by the stem  :-)

Kylie's friend, Emma

Then Waylon, Sean, Papa and Grandad showed everyone how it was really done....  the kids LOVED this!!!


Daddy - didn't get a pic with his head all the way in but he did it also!!

Cupcake time!  My mom and I made these - orange cake, purple icing with candy corn pumpkins on top - just for our Pumpkin Princess.  :-)

After everyone left, time for a few more presents from Nana and Grandad and Grammy and Papa...

Such a happy 3 year old Pumpkin Princess!

Happy Birthday, sweet Kylie girl!!  We love you!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Two Weeks of October

This is the update for the first few weeks of October.... up until Kylie's birthday - that will be the next post.

While Noah was still with Grammy and Papa at the beach, we had dinner with Carolyn, Eric, Abby and Will.  The girls had fun watching Eric's phone after we were done eating.  :-)

That weekend, Leah and Bill came down to hang out with us for the weekend.  On their way down on Friday night, they went to visit their new puppy, Sukha!  They now have him home with them but at the time, he was still with his mommy and they were just visiting.  He's so sweet!  Her'es a picture they sent to me on their way down....

Saturday was a super fun day!  We had a lazy morning and then went into Durham to lunch and messed around at a cute shop.  Then we dropped Kylie off with Andrea, Sean and Savannah for a sleepover while the four of us went out to tailgate and go to the Florida State game.  We had such a fun time and the game was VERY exciting - with a good ending for us!

Sunday morning, Leah and I went to pick up Kylie while the guys went grocery shopping.  We planned a great dinner and party to celebrate Grammy's birthday with the Peelers!  What a fun time!  Grammy, Papa, and Noah got home that afternoon and Michael, Karen, Reeves and McCauley came a little after they arrived.  We missed Katie though!

Giving Grammy her presents

Kylie girl and Aunt Leah

Silliness with Uncle Bill

Noah with Reeves and McCauley

Singing to Grammy

"Palmatier" girls  :-)

Me and my beautiful Dit.

The whole group!

More silliness
After the party on Sunday night, Grammy and Papa went back to the lake house. We had to say goodbye to Leah and Bill on Monday morning....

Such a fun visit!  We are so glad everyone could come.

That Tuesday, Andrea and I went to get our hair done together.  It was so fun and we both went a little darker for the fall!  :-)

Just a few pictures of my adorable kids!!!  And I promise, I'm not biased at all!!

That Friday, Waylon took the day off to spend with the kids.  He took them to the Durham Life and Science Museum and rode the Pumpkin Patch Express!  I was jealous that I couldn't be there but was glad that he got pictures of all the fun things they did!

Riding the train to the pumpkin patch!
Look at all those pumpkins!

Kylie found the perfect one!

Noah got his face painted - Kylie wanted nothing to do with it.  :-)

Decorating trick or treat bags
Showing Mommy the final product later that night
On Saturday morning, Nana took us shopping for fall clothes and shoes!!  We hit the jackpot!!  :-)

Kylie got the most adorable boots!
Noah has been taking karate and he was showing off his moves after we got home from the mall..

Later that afternoon, we hopped in the car and headed to Wendell to spend time at the farm with Steven, Kate, Samantha and baby Lily to celebrate Steven's birthday.  SUCH a fun time!!

Samantha, Noah and Kylie

Helping Steven blow out his candles

Cutie Patootie!  Love that hair!

Beautiful family!
Surprisingly, the kids slept great that night.  We brought their sleeping bags and they crawled right in and went right to sleep at 8pm on the floor in the room next to where we were sleeping.  They were excited about sleeping in the sleeping bags so that was fun.

Silliness in the morning - attempting to stay quiet before everyone else was up!
Steven and Waylon took the three older kids out into the pasture to see the cows.  I think the highlight of the trip was seeing the 'cows boogers'.  That was all I heard about when they got back.  Nice.  :-)

Piled into the truck
The quiet time meant I got some good Lily snuggles.  She was 7 weeks old then and so adorable!!!

So sleepy!
They have a swing tied to a tree and I'm not sure what got into Kylie but she wanted to go so high!!  She LOVES to swing but she's normally very conservative when it comes to how high she wants to go.  It was so cute to ask daddy to 'put her face in the leaves'.  :-)  Made me a little nervous but she loved it and so did Noah and Samantha!

Face in the leaves

Noah's turn!

Samantha snuggles for me!
Then Kate and I hopped in the golf cart with the kids and went for a ride

We ended up at a Pecan tree and found a whole bunch and even ate some although it was a little early for them.


We said goodbye came home around lunch time.  The kids had such a great time and were worn out when we got back!!  :-)

That afternoon, Noah and I went to Target to pick out presents for Kylie's birthday which was the next day!!  Then we were off to get Mexican for Uncle Sean's birthday which was the previous week!  Lots of birthday celebrations in this post, I just realized!  :-)

With 'Frunkle' Sean and Savannah  (we got him a card that said he was a Frunkle = friend and uncle)  :-)
Noah asked me earlier in the day if they would sing happy birthday to Sean in Spanish so he made sure to ask our waiter.  He was so proud when they did it.  :-)

Just a few more pictures from that week (apart from Kylie's birthday - that's in the next post!) --

Noah playing with our next door neighbor, Abby - he may have another crush!!  :-)

Kylie all ready for dance (she got this outfit for her birthday)

Noah's halloween costume - we are officially ALL BOY!  :-)