Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend- and more changes

So last week was a big one for us. I had two interviews and ended up accepting a contract job with GSK. I'll be working 4 days a week so I'm excited to still have an extra day with the kids on Fridays! Yay! So this week, we worked hard to find a new daycare for the kids and they will be transitioning next week - I start May 9th. Today was a sad day picking them up for the last time at their 'old school'. It was hard to say goodbye to the teachers and directors there but we are excited about the new school, too. Noah seemed fine and is excited about his new school so that's good (we've been trying to be positive about the whole situation and not dwell on it being sad)! Tonight, he told us he was a little sad but didn't really seem it. It's hard to know what goes on in their little brains! I know he'll be fine - and so will Kylie. Hopefully easing them in next week will work well.

Anyway, last Friday afternoon, Waylon's childhood friend came over with his wife, parents and 1 year old daughter, Samantha. We hadn't seen them in almost a year so it was so great to get together. We really hope we can do it again very soon!!

The adults had other dinner plans, so the kids had a good kid-friendly dinner of chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and brocolli

Kylie and Samantha

How adorable is this!?
I should have gotten pictures of the adults, too but I don't think of that much these days! I'm trying to be better about that. Steven and Kate - come back soon please!!!

Later Friday night, I sent a very last minute email to Evia to see if they would like to come over and play on Saturday morning. Luckily and surprisingly, they were available! It was a fun morning but CRAZY! :-) When they left, I was a little shell shocked. Noah and Eli were running around together like mad men. It was so cute. They have always been like that together and it just gets crazier and crazier the older they get! I didn't manage to get many shots but we did get them to sit (kinda) still for this shot. I love Noah and Eli's faces in this one and how Cole is looking at Noah.... :-)

Picnic lunch on the porch

Near the end, Evia tried to get their attention with a book. It worked for about 2 minutes! :-)

Later on Saturday (after naps), we went over to Andrea, Sean, and Savannah's house for our annual egg hunt. It was so fun as always!

Right when we arrived, they decided they wanted to dance

Ready for the hunt...

...and their off!

I love this picture - the way she is looking at her daddy is just so sweet.

Kylie decided she wanted to take a break and swing a while but Noah found an egg and said, 'Kylie, I found one for you!' What a sweet boy!

Checking out the goods

Love this one!

And this is my favorite outtake. :-)

My little man - how are our kids growing up so fast?!

Nana and one of her girls

Big hugs

We had a great dinner and I had to get this shot of Waylon and his dad - the last ones standing at the dinner table. :-) I especially like Waylon with the princess cup on his plate. :-)

Then time for a show...

... and a little rest

Then Nana and Grandad brought out Easter Baskets for the kids! So exciting.

Easter morning was exciting for us. Waylon and I have been talking about getting Noah a 2 wheeler bike with training wheels so we decided that it would be fun for the Easter Bunny to bring it. Well, of course we had to get Kylie something equally good, so she got a tricycle also! :-)

Coming down the stairs
Just caught sight of the bike - action shot running towards it


Kylie went straight for the candy first! :-)

... yet again...

We made muffins for breakfast and saw a turtle out of the window so we brought it up on the porch to say hello but he was a little shy.

So we decided to give him a little space and take a walk to ride our new bikes. Noah jumped on and picked it up right away. He's doing really well with the brakes, too!

Woops, forgot to put on his helmet

Kylie actually did really well with it, too! We weren't sure if she'd be able to reach the pedals but she actually did really well! It was so cute.

When we got home, the turtle had 'come out of his shell' so we visited with him some before letting him go in the woods again.

Watching a show with some new Easter stuffed animals from Nana

Then it was off to another Easter Egg hunt! This time it was one in the neighborhood. I have I mentioned that I LOVE our new neighbors and neighborhood? It's awesome how close everyone is and how many kids there are. So fun!! We had a picnic lunch in one backyard and then went to another for the hunt.

Playtime after lunch - before the hunt

How awesome is this?...

...and this, too! Look at all the kids!

Kylie wasn't up for the picture with all the kids.

They are off!

Afterwards, Waylon took Kylie home for a nap and Noah and I went back to the first yard for games and crafts. Here, Noah and Andrew are doing an egg race. It was really funny actually... they were going REALLY slow. :-)

Painting an egg!

Noah and I got home around 2:30 which we decided was a little late for a nap for him, so he got to watch a movie by himself up in the bonus room and the rest of us had quiet time. Our friends Jenn and Jay came by after everyone was up to see the new house and we decided to all go out to dinner. After dinner, I got some really cute pictures of the kids - Kylie was really hamming it up! :-)

And a few last pictures from this week -

An afternoon tea party

One night this week - they were all hiding under the blanket and then Waylon would throw it up over his head and they'd all yell SURPRISE at me. So cute!!
Another fun weekend coming up - tomorrow, Noah is going to the lake with Grammy and Papa. His first overnight trip without us. He's super excited and I'm sure will be fine but I'm kinda nervous!! :-)