Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A much needed update...

It's been a while since my last post, so here's an update on what's going on with us - just as a basic overview first...

We have been going through a little bit of a power struggle with Noah at home. We aren't sure if it has to do with him anticipating the arrival of the new baby or if it has to do with the fact that he moved into a new room at school and is now with the bigger kids. He's really just showing his independence and of course that's what the 'terrible twos' are all about but there is a reason they call them 'terrible'! :-) He's been much better in the past few days, so maybe it was just a little phase but we'll see!

We are slowly but surely working on potty training, too. He seems to be more interested and wanting to sit (and sometimes go) on the potty. I'm sure giving him M&Ms when he actually goes is helping, too! We aren't pushing it yet since he's likely to regress in a few weeks but he's definitely getting there.

On the baby front - we are pretty much ready. All the old stuff is down from the attic and clean, clothes and bottles are washed, and the nursery is almost done - we are just waiting for the letters for the wall to come in.... her name will be Kylie for those of you who don't know yet!

As for delivery, we went back and forth on scheduling the c-section or trying for a VBAC but in the end, we decided that it was best for us to just schedule the c-section. So, we have a d-day! We have a c-section scheduled for Oct. 15th (if nothing happens before that which is doubtful for me of course!).

I think that's all the big family updates - now here are the specifics...

Going back to two Saturdays ago, Grandad came over to babysit Noah while Waylon and I went to another wedding. This time it was a friend and old coworker of mine getting married. It was a beautiful wedding at the Duke Gardens and it was so fun to catch up with old friends.

Christie and Brandon

Old coworkers and friends

Sunday morning was a playdate for Noah and Maddie and then dinner with some old friends, Kate and Vic. It was so nice to see them and they are expecting their first son in December! Babies everywhere.

This shot was from this past Thursday -

Mommy's answer to a rainy day.... take the cushions off the couches and JUMP!

On Thursday afternoon, we went to visit Mason. Maddie was at school, so Noah enjoyed playing with her toys and then finally got excited to really meet Mason. Here he is tickling Mason.

Playing with trains on Friday

This past weekend was a busy one. Saturday, we went out to a Flyball competition that our neighbor and his dogs were competing in. Maddie and Frank came along with us to give Janet and Mason some quiet time. We left the house around 9:30, stayed to watch the dogs for quite a while and then got lunch and finally made it home around 1:00! Here are Noah and Maddie playing outside at the competition...

After Noah's (very short) nap on Saturday, we all headed out to the NC Stae game. Jennie had to work, so she let me use her ticket and we took Noah, too. Waylon was so excited about showing Noah his favorite sport and team. We weren't sure how well he'd do - he came to several tailgates last yaer but was difficult to keep up with. This year, he did great. He just hung out close to us and played in the dirt and played cornhole with the big boys, too!

Once inside, yet again, he did great! He was just enthralled with the sights and sounds and loved when the wolf howled. Since the game started at 6:00, we left at halftime and he fell asleep on the way home. It was such a fun family activity!

When we got home on Saturday night, my parents were there to greet us. Unfortunately, they had a funeral to go to on Saturday afternoon in Winston Salem, so they came to spend a quick night with us. Noah was surprised and excited to see them on Sunday morning. They didn't stay long and left around 9:30 or so but it was nice to see them as always. The rest of the morning was fairly relaxed and then Waylon took Noah to the store while I got some more baby things ready.

After Noah woke up from his nap, we headed over to spend some much needed quality time with Waylon's family! It had been a while since we'd all been together, so it was fun to let the kids play and have a nice dinner. I say it everytime they get together, but it really is so fun to see Noah and Savannah play. We all can't wait for Kylie to join in the fun!!


Riding matching cars :-)

How big is Savannah!?!? SO BIG!

Nana getting lovin from her two (of her three) favorite grandkids

Since we had skipped bath the night before and were planning to let Noah fall asleep on the way home again, we decided to get him a bath over at Nana and Grandad's and Savannah joined him!

Gotta love the hiney shots

Savannah helping to wash Noah

Grandad reading a bedtime story before we left.

And here's one last shot from one evening this week - Noah and I slow dancing! :-)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A few more good pics

Just a few pictures from the past few days.

After eating a fruit cup at dinner one night. He knows how to make it stick to his face. I thought this was really funny and so did he! :-)

On Thursday morning, we met Jacque, Elizabeth and Jacob at the park. Jacque and I were in pre-natal yoga together and Elizabeth is just a little younger than Noah. Jacob arrived about 3 months ago and we hadn't met him yet, so that was really nice!

Elizabeth had never been to the Kids Together park, so Noah was showing her around. :-)

Such the ladies man

Noah LOVED Jacob. He asked to hold him and wanted to touch and kiss lots - but was pretty good about staying away from his hands and face.

After a short nap on Thursday - I guess that's obvious!

Waylon was home yesterday which was nice. We got to visit with Waylon's Uncle Royal for a bit at Starbucks and then went to the mall for a while in the morning. Noah took a good nap (finally) so we all got to relax some in the afternoon. Waylon took Noah to the grocery store after nap and I got some more things organized in the nursery.

On a side note, I'm not sure if we are going through a stage or if Noah is catching on that this baby is coming soon or what, but he's been a bit of a challenge for the past week or so. We just have to keep telling ourselves that we'll get through this!

This morning, Noah and I went to the hospital to visit Janet and Frank (Maddie's parents) and Maddie's new little brother, Mason, who was born on Thursday!! Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet Mason cause he was back in the nursery but I thought it was a good opportunity to get Noah into the hospital and just see what it's like. We got to peek through the nursery window and saw a bunch of babies which was fun. They are coming home today and we hope to meet Mason tomorrow (and possibly get in a playdate for Noah and Maddie, too!).

Tonight we have another wedding to go to so Grandaddy is coming to hang with Noah while we are gone (Nana is at the beach with her friends).

Monday, September 7, 2009

Another 'couldn't-resist-posting' post

This was Noah and Stella Dot's reaction when they ran into each other at the park!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well, after 9 years of dating, it finally happened! Jennie and Cory got married yesterday!! Here are some pictures of the beautiful event!!

Having nails done with her 'unmaids' yesterday. They decided not to have a real bridal party and instead just have her brother stand with her and his father stand with him. But a few of us girls couldn't pass up the opportunity to be pampered along with her!
After hair and make-up (I did the makeup!)
Watching people arrive with Megan adjusting the dress - I love this shot.
Megan, Megan, Jennie and Me

A picture without a kid! - well, kinda. :-)
The two pregnant girls had to have a snack - shoving McDonalds in before the ceremony!
The ceremony was beautiful and intimate!
First dance - another favorite shot
Cutting the yummy cake!
The 'church boys' - friends for about 20 years!
Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins!
The bouquet 'pass-off' :-) Could Megan be next??
At the after party back at North Hills
Cory and Waylon
Me and Jennie - I'm so glad she came into my life!!

While we were off celebrating all day yesterday (and Friday afternoon and evening, too), Noah got to hang with Grammy and Papa for the second weekend in a row! My parents came down on Friday morning to be our on hand babysitters for the weekend - we are so thankful for them fitting us in their busy schedule. They leave for a trip to Canada on Wednesday! Here are some pics of Noah's weekend....

Grammy and Papa taught Noah how to play real tee ball and actually run the bases...

Tickling with Grammy
Saying goodbye to Mommy Friday night
Riding the boats at Pullen Park on Saturday morning

Wearing Papa's hat

Two great shots....

Thanks Grammy and Papa! We ALL love you very much!

Grammy and Papa left this afternoon after letting us sleep in and a quick trip to the park (where we just happened to run into Stella Dot and her daddy, Grant)! We've just been playing around the house and in the yard this afternoon and still have another day off together tomorrow!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Afternoon with Savannah

I couldn't resist posting these adorable pictures of Noah and Savannah from this afternoon! They love each other so much!!