Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's been a while - Surprise Grammy!!!

So I've been delinquent in posting recently! Things have been very busy around here. The biggest news is that Noah and I just got back from a trip to MD! My mom is retiring next week and her work had a luncheon for her, so Noah and I decided kinda last minute to fly up to MD and surprise her!

But first things first.... here are some backlog pictures from before our trip.

Drag racing with Maddie
Last weekend, we all went out for breakfast and this is what Waylon ordered!!....

And here's how much of it he ate
(except for one pancake - which Noah ate)
Playing at the park with the triplets

We went to waylon's parents for dinner last Sunday night -
it's so fun to see Noah and Savannah together!

Last Wednesday, we got up at 5 AM and flew to BWI where Papa picked us up. Noah fell asleep on the way home from the airport but woke up when I tried to transfer him to the crib. Too much excitement. About an hour later, we hopped in the car and went to the metro station to ride the train into the city. An airplane and a train all in one day!! We beat Grammy to the restaurant and when she showed up, she looked straight at me but didn't recognize me... it took a few seconds while Noah was running towards her for her to even get that it was him! She had no idea and was so surprised. Noah stuck it out until almost 2 that afternoon! He was in such good spirits despite waking up so early! Pics from lunch....

Playing with Austin - one of my mom's coworker's sons.

Riding home on the metro

The rest of the weekend was fun filled and jam packed as usual! :-) Lots of yummy food and good times. I got to have a girls night out on Friday night which was so fun.

Our little musician
Playing with stickers with Ditter

Throwing pennies in the fountain at the mall

Holding a worm he found while digging in the dirt - hello, boy!

Here's our brute son! :-) Picking up a truck we borrowed from a neighbor.

Helping Papa make a fire

Saturday morning, we went to the Aquarium in Baltimore. Noah really enjoyed seeing all the fishies and sharks and turtles and all sorts of things! I think his favorite part was the dolphin show.

Laughing at the dolphins!

We flew back home this morning and Noah and Daddy were really excited to see each other!!

Ready to board!

I'm so excited to see my daddy! :-) Check out that proud face!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Full sentences!!

This morning, within a 10 minute period, Noah said the following sentences - clear as day!

"Put on my pants"

"Mommy go to bathroom"

"I love you Dada"

The last one he's been saying for a while but not as clear as it was this morning and this is the first time he wasn't asked to say it. Waylon just said I love you to him and he gave him a hug and said "I love you Dada" It was the sweetest thing I've ever heard and I'm sure even more so for Waylon!

Maybe next time I can get the "I love you" and Waylon can go to the bathroom! :-) :-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trip to the Lake and Sicknesses

Last weekend, Noah and I went to the lake to visit with Grammy and Papa while Waylon stayed home to mulch the yard.

Noah and I left on Thursday morning and had a great day but after bedtime, he woke up a few times. Just as I was getting ready to go to bed myself, he threw up. My mom helped clean everything up and get him back to bed but I was worried about him all night. He slept well the rest of the night and on Friday seemed to be fine so I thought it might have just been something he ate but then Saturday started the rest of the digestive issues. He wasn't eating well but it didn't slow him down much. We still had a great time riding the 'boap' and playing playing playing - Grammy got all sorts of fun new things to keep at the lake so we wouldn't have to lug toys back and forth.

Back at home, Waylon totally overworked himself spreading 17 cubic yards of mulch all day on Saturday - he started at 8 and was done by 4:30!! Crazy. That night, he told me he wasn't feeling well and on Sunday, he woke up with a fever. Monday the fever spiked to 102.5 and he went to the doc who prescribed him a z-pack which knocked it out pretty quickly. He's still dragging a bit but everyone is now on the mend. Luckily (knock on wood), I haven't gotten any of this yet, so we'll see!

Pics from the lake.... As always, I got a bunch of pictures from my parents so there are a ton! :-)

Playing with all the new toys!

Loves to play 'tent', so Grammy found him one! :-)
Noah dragged us in and then left!
Hey, look - a slide, too!!
This picture cracks me up.
Exploring at the 'beach'
Driving the boat is very serious business.
Watching (and helping) Papa play guitar.

Taking a minute to relax and watch some Mickey Mouse.
Hi Guys!!!! (Noah's new favorite expression)
This one cracks me up, too. :-)
He found his pockets a while ago and now he loves to put his hands in them....
he looks like such a big boy here.
Relaxing again - this time in a chair that Grammy got him - perfect fit!
More boat pics
Just woke up.
I love my Papa!
Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather as much as we did!
One last note, Noah is a real chatterbox now. He says so many things that are becoming more and more understandable. Three of my favorites: 'Hi Guys!' 'Bye Guys!' and 'All Better' (after we kiss a boo boo). He's growing up so fast!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From Snow to 75 degrees!

On Monday, we woke up to a winter wonderland and tomorrow, Noah and I are headed to the lake where it is supposed to be in the 70s all weekend!

I'm so excited about kicking off lake season!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrea!

Toinght, we had Waylon's family over to celebrate Aunt Andrea's birthday (which is on Wednesday). Pics....

Grandad had to bring Noah some more 'Choo Choos'

Waylon and Savannah
(like her outfit? - we gave it to her for Christmas) :-)
Playing with Savannah - it will be so fun when they can really play together without us worrying about him hurting her! :-)
Hugging Savannah
Nana, Andrea, and Savannah
Noah giving Savannah a good night kiss.