Saturday, February 28, 2009

Family night Friday and Silly Saturday

Friday night was family night. Noah and I made pizza for dinner and then we all watched (part of) Cars! It was such a great night. Photos of the pizza making....

Rolling out the dough
Spreading out the sauce - I love this expression - very proud. :-)
Adding mushrooms - he liked to dip them in the sauce and eat them raw!
... and cheese of course!
Cookin in the oven
I guess I should have gotten a picture of us eating it, too but I didn't. :-) It was yummy though!

Today, Maddie et al and Stella Dot et al came over to play (don't you guys love how once you are a parent, you become et al??). :-) Anyway, it was mayhem as usual but a good time for everyone!

Obviously, it's hard to get a picture without the 'CHEESE' face these days - or maybe he's just trying to show off his new hockey player smile! :-)
More pics to come - tomorrow afternoon we are having Waylon's family over to celebrate Andrea's birthday!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Noah's new nickname after a park trip yesterday.....

He fell face first into a piece of playground equipment and I heard the crunch right away. I was pretty sure it was his tooth before I looked at him but had no idea how bad it was. Fortunately, he didn't bust a lip or hit anything else besides his tooth. He cried for a few minutes but stopped pretty quickly and was ready to keep playing. Needless to say, I was pretty freaked out and we went directly to the pediatric dentist - who we'd never been to before. They were so great there and made me feel very at ease. They did x-rays and determined that medically, everything was okay and the permanent tooth behind it isn't damaged. It's likely the tooth could change color and we have things to watch out for but it should be okay. They told us we could have the tooth bonded for cosmetic reasons but it would be hard to get it attached so well on such a small tooth - not to mention we'd have to hold him down for a good 20 minutes to have it done. So for now, he'll just have to have a snaggletooth! :-) I guess it will add to his character, huh?

Waylon beat me home and since I was so upset about the whole situation, I came home to dinner in the oven and on the stove, the table set for dinner complete with red tulips (my favorite), music playing, and a drink open and ready for me. What a great husband! :-)

Here are some pictures from the triplets' birthday party last Sunday afternoon. Noah napped for a long time that day, so we were late and missed the cake eating extravaganza, but Noah had a cupcake when we got there and enjoyed playing with all of their toys!


Brendan - missing some of the party!


This weekend we plan to stick pretty close to home and have some quality family time. Next weekend, Noah and I are going to go to the lake with my parents while Waylon stays here to get some yard work done - again, what a good husband I have!! :-)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's been a while!

First of all, pictures of more playdates and flirting with his girlfriends -

With Stella Dot at the park
With Maddie at our house

Noah's class had a Valentine's Day party on the 13th. Turns out it was really just snack time and we got to go and watch them eat. :-) It was actually pretty amusing and I'm glad we went. Since it was a Friday and not a normal school day for Noah, we just took him in at 3 for the party. He was so cute eating his cupcake and drinking milk out of an open cup. He kept watching us and seemed very proud to show us how well he eats and behaves at school! He even threw his cup and plate away after he was done! Too cute.

After the 'party', the rest of the kids were heading outside to play and Noah really wanted to go with them. He started crying when we took him to the car instead. That made me feel good that he really likes to be there and truly has fun.

That night, the daycare was offering a 'Parent's Night out' where they keep the daycare open an extra 3 hours and for $20 you can leave your child there from 6-9. Because we are so lucky to have Waylon's parents babysit almost anytime, we have never taken advantage of this but we decided to do it this time. I was nervous about how he'd do (either staying up late or falling asleep there?) and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. He was so happy to go back (especially after not wanting to leave that afternoon) when we dropped him off about 5:45 or so. Then we went to a nice long relaxing sushi dinner with Amy and Grant (Stella Dot's parents). We didn't get back to the daycare until right at 9:00 and when we walked in, the kids were running up and down the halls and hot and sweaty! They were so happy and having tickle fights as we were trying to get them changed for bed. :-) Noah fell asleep on the way home and slept in until 8:30 the next morning. It was a huge success and we'll definitely do it again!

On a not so great note, my car broke down last weekend - turns out it was the transmission! FUN! So we had to rent a car and my car has been in the shop all week. We got it back on Friday - $3500 later. Gotta love those huge unexpected expenses.

Also big news this week - our friends Jessica and Kevin had their baby, Evelyn! Congrats, guys!

Last night, I went to see the Vagina Monologues with some girlfriends. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I LOVED it! It was a great show and it was so fun to get out for a bit on a weekend night! I think Waylon and Noah also enjoyed having some alone time. When I was leaving, Waylon said 'Grease for dinner!' :-) That's what my dad used to say when my mom went out of town. He'd pull out the deep fryer and make us fried chicken nuggets, french fries, and anything else we could think of to fry. :-)

Today after Noah wakes up we will be heading over to our friends' Kate and Chris' house. Their triplets, Maddy, Rory, and Brendan, are turning 1 year old today! We are excited about celebrating with all of them!

Some other cute pics....

Excited about having his hands in his pockets. :-)

Noah and Daddy 'watching' "Potty time with Bear".
Nana and Grandad got Noah this video and now he can't get enough - 'Bear?' 'Bear?' 'Bear?'
Developmentally, Noah is starting to use tons of words. He can pretty much repeat anything we ask him to and can tell us what he wants loud and clear. This is good and bad of course, but we are super proud. :-) He also loves to sing which is so cute to hear. We can't believe he's such a big boy!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Last teeth, hopefully!

Noah has been a little cranky recently and we are thinking his last two baby teeth are making their way through. Anyway, update on our week....

Last weekend, our friends Tina and Tesh came to visit. It was a quick trip - they got here late Friday night and left Sunday morning - but we had a great time. We had a nice breakfast out on Saturday morning and Tina and I got pedicures in the afternoon. That night, Waylon's parents came over to babysit while we all went out to dinner with our other friend Brandy. Brandy and Tina are friends of mine from high school and Brandy lives in Durham now. We had a very nice time just enjoying a quiet dinner and catching up.

Tina and Tesh brought Noah the cutest outfit!

This week was a good week again. On Thursday morning, we had a follow up with the ENT. Noah's tubes are still in and all is well. We are to go back in a year. We are hoping that they stay in at least through next winter but we'll see. Afterwards, we met Andrea, Savannah and Jennie at the mall. Noah had a great time playing in the kids area.

On Thursday night, I had another girls night. That is becoming a routine for me and I'm loving it. It's so nice to get away one night a week!

Friday morning, Noah and I decided to try out Monkey Joe's. It was great!! Noah only lasted an hour but it was great. It was a pretty good workout for me, too!!

Last night, we went over to Andrea and Sean's house to celebrate Savannah's 1/2 birthday. :-) Time sure flies.

Noah decided he needed to do what Savannah was doing. :-)
Noah loves Kaleb!
Savannah is getting tuckered out...
...but we had to get a picture with the princess crown on first! She wasn't into it. :-)

This morning, Waylon was scheduled to help our friends, Megan and Jason, move but Noah had been a handful for the past few days so I decided to go with him. Noah had a great time running around their big yard and playing with their dog. He was tuckered out.

After his nap, Stella Dot came over to play while Amy and Grant enjoyed some alone time. Waylon and I thought they deserved it after a few rough patches they've been through. Maddie, Janet and Frank came over also to have dinner with us and play some. What an afternoon though! Noah was in rare form - possibly because of these teeth coming though and possibly because he's 19 months old! Either way, I'm looking forward to teething being over!! Stella Dot was absolutely perfect but Noah was just a little cranky and not wanting to share too much. Actually, it was funny cause most of the time he got mad was when we made him back off from holding hands or laying on one of the girls! They are both sleeping now and we are expecting Amy and Grant to come pick her up in an hour or so.

This was one of the times that Stella Dot was happy to hold his hand. :-)

While Noah needed some down time and was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the girls wanted Waylon to read book after book after book....

Bath time!!! :-)