Wednesday, June 12, 2013


At the beginning of April, Noah was still tracked out and he spent the first week in trackout camp at Netsports with Ben and Jake.  He really enjoyed that.  Some pictures from that first week...

Just a cute picture of Kylie after I picked her up from school one day  :-)

Ice cream at the Rodriguez' house with Hannah and Ava
 Noah participated in his first baseball practice and game that weekend.  He was supposed to go the weekend before but he was sick and missed it.  He really had a lot of fun!

Practicing before the game with Daddy

Batter Up!

Ready stance.  :-)
Kylie had fun watching, too

He got the listening metal at the end!  We were so proud!

Nana and Grandaddy came by to visit and were checking out our new couch.  :-)

The following week, Grammy flew down to keep Noah so he didn't have to go to a trackout camp and to ride back to MD with us that following weekend.   Kylie got to stay home a few days also.  Unfortunately, I had to have my car worked on while she was here so she was stuck home with the kids a few days but I think they still had fun despite a bit of cabin fever.  :-) 

Checking out the new wellness center behind our house one evening - it opens July 15th and we are so excited to be members there.

After bath time silliness.
One of the days that Grammy was home with Noah, I was sitting at work and got a text from my mom with a video of Noah riding his two wheeler bike!!!  Crazy!  And when we got home, he showed us that he learned how to tie his shoelaces also!  :-)  In one day, she somehow managed to teach him both those things.  :-)  He was so proud to show off how he knew how to ride when I got home.  So cute!!!  He's still working on getting comfortable with it but he sure knows how to ride!

So happy.  :-)
That Thursday afternoon, I got off a little early and the kids, Grammy and I hopped in the car and took off to MD for a long weekend.  Waylon had to stay and work this time around. 

Ice cream after dinner on the way - talking to Papa on the phone.  :-)

Getting ready to go to Baltimore for the day

Photo as we were walking into the Aquarium
Watching the dolphins - this was their favorite by far

Love my kiddos

Lunch at Phillips on the waterfront after the aquarium

 That evening, the kids and I went to my friend Tina's house to catch up with some high school friends.  All the kids had so much fun playing together.  It's pretty surreal to see them all together after growing up with these girls!

Clockwise - Kylie, Noah, Abbey, Jake, Maddox, Ethan
Me, Katie and Tina - we missed seeing some of the other girls that night!
 A trip to the mall that next day....

So fun!  Big kids riding alone.

Papa cut a pineapple and they drank some of the juice from it.  :-)
 Friday evening, we went to the school parking lot to practice riding bikes.  While we were there, Kylie fell off hers (she's using Noah's old bike with training wheels) and actually chipped her tooth!  It wasn't really all that bad but I took a picture to send to Daddy.  :-)

After the traumatic bike rides, the Normans and Aunt Leah, Uncle Bill, and Sukha all came out for dinner.
Love for Aunt Leah

With Max

Winston, Max and Kylie

Now love from Sukha!  :-)
Saturday was a very fun filled day, too!  We went down to Leah's new house in DC - it's beautiful!!! - and went to her school's festival and then walked a few blocks to go to the National Zoo.  Then back to Leah's house for a yummy dinner!  The kids were exhausted but had a blast!!

With Sukha in his new back yard!  So nice!!
Playing games at the festival

Kylie's turn

Kylie loved the bounce house and slide

They both got their faces painted - so cute!

Final product!
At the zoo - looking at the cheetahs (and Noah WAS a cheetah!)

I sat down to rest and Leah took note of the sign right next to me.  :-)  Whoops!

Noah took a rest in the Ape House  :-)

Kylie took a real rest in her stroller  :-)

Snuggles back at Leah and Bill's house!
My parents took the kids home after dinner and I stayed the night with Leah.  We thought about going out but we were all very tired so we just hung out in their back yard and had a fire in their fire pit.  It was so nice!!

Me and Sukha  :-)
 That next morning, Papa took Noah to a car show in his convertible.  Noah loved it, I think!

When I got home, we loaded up again (no time to waste!) and took off to go visit Julie, Peter and their moms.  She also has a new house out in Fredrick - beautiful also!! - and on the way, there was an alpaca farm, so we stopped to get a quick tour.  The kids thought it was so cool and got to pet them - well, Kylie wasn't all that interested in touching them actually.  :-)

We got to Julie's house and she had a huge spread of food prepared!  It was so nice to just hang out on her back deck and visit with them as well as with Julie's mom and Peter's mom who was there visiting for the weekend also.

Climbing Julie's tree in her backyard  :-)

Have I mentioned I love my Jules?!  :-)

Playing catch with Miss Bev

She brought stickers for both kids - so sweet

Monday morning, the kids and I loaded up and took off back home.  The kids did great in the car which was a nice surprise because I was by myself.  What a fun long weekend!!! 

Kylie had been talking all weekend about missing Daddy and she was SOO happy to get home and see him.  She loves to go places but always seems to be extra excited about coming home.  :-)

Kylie had crazy hair day one day that week.  :-)
Dinner out with the Rodriguez one night that week and we caught a priceless look on Jonah's face after eating a lime.  :-)

Noah came home from school with this picture of Sooka (Sukha)  :-)
This was a funny moment one morning that following weekend.  Noah had all his Star Wars stuff out and he and Waylon were looking at it all and they both only had shorts on (actually, I think Noah only has boxers on)  :-)  It was just a cute moment and I tried to capture it but was a moment too late so I tried to get them to recreate it and they both got a little sarcastic on me.  :-)

That Saturday, we went downtown for Cuegrass - an outdoor festival with BBQ, local breweries and live music.  It was lots of fun!  We met up with the Atkinsons, Davis, and Hopkins as is tradition each year.  Good times.   Oh yeah, there was ice cream, too!!  :-)

Noah playing cars with Sam and Ryan
Last year, it rained on us so we were happy that the weather was nice this year!

The next day, what started as a joke turned into a backyard day of fun at the Hombergers - love our neighborhood!

Noah and Daddy playing with light sabers.  :-)
Nana and Grandad joined us at the get-together and then went to Mexican for dinner - and of course had to finish off with Yolo afterwards.  :-)
Silliness at Yolo
Kylie got her new bedspread that following week - she loves it!  :-)

That following weekend, Kylie had a birthday party at Monkey Joe's for a girl in her class at school.  She had so much fun! 

After the party, I took the kids to go see The Croods while Waylon took care of some things at the house.  :-)

They were a little excited!  :-)

The weekend and the month ended with a picnic dinner in the playroom.  :-)