Tuesday, May 21, 2013


In the first weekend of March, we sent the kids to the lake with Grammy and Papa and used the time alone to paint our bedroom!  We enjoyed being able to do a project together!  It's been a while since we've done that so it was nice.  And of course the kids had a blast with Grammy and Papa for the weekend.  I got some pictures from them to include here....

Self portrait while we were painting!
We did the bathroom too.  We also enjoyed a few dinners to ourselves while the kids were gone.  Always a nice treat!!  :-)

Noah showing off our hard work after he got home
Noah had his school pictures this month, too - how big does he look!?!

One Saturday, some of the guys in the neighborhood went to a basketball game so Cari-Anne and I got the kids together.  Everyone had fun!

Chris, Waylon, Conrad, and Matt
Noah and Ben - cuties!
That following Sunday, we went to the Hombergers' church to see Will's dedication.  Afterwards, we had lunch at Cafe Caturra.

Girls table - Kylie, Addy and Abby
Boys Table - Ben, Noah, Jack and Jake
We've started doing a lot of showers with the kids.  They love it (usually).  :-)  And really, who can resist bath or shower pictures - edited for modesty of course.  :-)

Noah has been really loving baseball.  He was playing with Uncle Sean and Grandaddy in the back yard in March so we actually ended up signing him up for a baseball team.  He's really been loving it!

Kylie likes it too -- we might be signing her up next!

Out little lefty!
Cute shot of the kids on our new couch that sits at the end of our bed.  :-)

Another night at Yolo - Kylie ALWAYS chooses chocolate!
More baseball - practicing with Daddy this time...

A dinner out one weeknight
Noah came home from school with this one day!!!  :-)  I was relieved that he started laughing when I asked him about it and said he was joking.  Too funny!

"When I grow up, I want to be a giraffe milker"  HAHA!!!
Noah's school had a fun night at a place called 'Defy Gravity' - a huge trampoline park.  He had a blast and spent most of his time in this foam pit - it looked like so much fun!

Jumping in off the trampolines
That Friday, we went to the Gebhardts' house for the basketball tournament.  Always fun!

Cutie patootie hanging out on the Gebhardt's bed.  :-)
That Friday was a late night, so we had a family rest the next day.

On Sunday, Noah's friend Morgan came over to play.  She ended up staying almost all day and both Noah and Kylie had a blast with her!  They all played so well together, we were even able to relax a bit while she was here!

One day that week, dinner with the Hombergers - complete with a "Bear Cave".  :-)
Kylie had an Easter Egg hunt at school and I wasn't able to go so Nana stepped in!  Kylie was so surprised that she came and was so happy (and so was I cause I felt bad that we couldn't go!).

The following few days were very rough.  Noah had been tracked out for about a week and had stayed home with Waylon the previous week.  Kylie's school was closed that Friday and I was planning to keep her home that day and have a girls day.  I picked up Noah from Netsports (where he was in trackout camp) and as soon as he walked in the door, he went straight to the bathroom and threw up.  We were hopeful it was something he ate but that night it happened several more times.  He was so sick over those next few days.  He just wanted to lay down all the time and didn't even want to watch TV or play his DS or do anything.  I was really worried about him and he lost about 4 pounds over the course of this but he bounced back after a few days.

At one point, he seemed to be feeling a little better so we started dying Easter eggs but he had to stop and lay down.  Poor thing.  Kylie had fun though!  :-)

We made an egg that said 'Feel Better'  :-)

A moment of feeling better and 'lunch' (one bite of sandwich)

Then back to sleeping.  Poor baby.
Because Kylie and I missed our girls day, I took her to dinner and ice cream on Friday evening after Waylon got home.  We had fun!

On Saturday,  I took Kylie to Paint Your Pot where we painted pottery.  She chose a unicorn of course. :-)

Saturday evening, Noah decided he actually wanted to eat for dinner and all of the sudden, he was completely better!  It happened so suddenly so it was very surprising.  We were so glad to have him back with us!!  :-)  The next day was Easter too so we were happy he was able to enjoy it.  He was still a little weak and tired but he was definitely better.  And even more surprising - the rest of us didn't get it!  We were crazy about washing hands and lysol-ing things so I guess that worked!

The Easter Bunny came!

He left a note, too  :-)

So excited to see their Easter baskets!

Noah had been wanting this stuffed dragon so he was thrilled.

Kylie got a baby doll
Hunting for Easter eggs

Then we got dressed up to go to Nana and Grandad's to celebrate there.

So happy Noah was feeling better!!
Another Easter Egg hunt at Nana and Grandad's with Savannah

Sweet cousins!

Easter baskets from Nana and Grandaddy, too!

Looks like a very serious game of Go Fish going on here!  :-)