Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two more big weekends!

Life has been crazy - as always!  Three weekends in a row, we've had big things going on.  First, Kylie's birthday, then Jennie's shower and this past weekend, we had all sorts of Halloween festivities to prepare for.  Everything has been so fun but I do feel a little bit of relief knowing that this week I don't have anything to prepare for!!  :-)

But first, a recap of all the fun stuff that has been going on!  Two Saturdays ago, we hosted a shower for Jennie at Megan's house.  It was a big success and so fun!

An adorable picture for the nursery from Anise

Jennie's family

Cory's mom and sister

The girls

I wonder how many pictures we have like this one.  I really should dig them all up and put them together.  :-)

While I was at the shower, the kids had a Fall Festival at school.  Waylon got them all dressed up and met Nana and Grandad there.  They had so much fun!!  :-)

Dinosaur and a Kitty Cat!

Drawing with Nana

Big scary Dino Noah!
That Sunday, we had a few people over for chili and to watch the Redskins/Panthers football game.  The kids were wound up and were showing off and had so much fun. 

Kylie usually takes a while to warm up to people but she climbed right up next to Cory to sit and watch football with him. Maybe she knows he's going to be a dad soon.  :-)

Playing with Ryan in the house

Some computer time

Megan, Jason and Ryan

Some family playtime during the week last week...  Kylie got this baby doll for her birthday and it cries.  It really concerns her when it does and she does everything she can to make it stop!  :-)  So funny.

Daddy and Noah had to help calm her down.  :-)

Another night, we received a photo book of Disney World from Grammy!  The kids love looking at it.  Thanks, Grammy!

Waylon made Noah a superhero out of 'Toobers and Zots' (another one of Kylie's great birthday presents!)

This weekend was a fun one!  

Noah wanted to go to school Friday because they had a Halloween Party so I took the opportunity to get some errands done.  Friday night, Waylon went to happy hour with some coworkers so Andrea and Savannah came over for some playtime and pizza dinner.  Very fun but didn't take any pictures!

The big fun was Saturday!  We had an (adult!) Halloween party to go to in our neighborhood so Nana and Grandad graciously agreed to keep the kids overnight at their house.  We had such a great time and we hear that the kids did also!  Pics from our party....

Waylon was a 'nerd'.  Noah kept asking what a 'nerd' was.... hmmm.... how do you describe that?

80s girl (who loves nerds)  :-)

Together at the party

Han and Christy - dancing hamsters  :-)

Dr. Pepper and a Facebook wall - so creative!


All the ladies!

Conrad and Chris - Too funny!!!  :-)

Kirsten - our gorgeous host and Chris' Trophy Wife

Nana and Grandad took the kids to a fall festival at their church on Saturday afternoon and then to Sunday School on Sunday morning.  They stayed busy and enjoyed it all, I think!!  Noah took a 2 hour nap today (unheard of for him these days!) and Kylie was still sleeping after 3 hours and we finally woke her up because it was 5pm!  Too funny.  :-)

An adorable shot from the Fall Festival

We met them at the mall to do the trade off - for lunch and also to get Noah some much needed new shoes - thanks Nana and Grandad!  :-)
Tomorrow, one more big event... HALLOWEEN!  The kids have a parade at school where they (I) had to make their costumes out of a paper bag.  I didn't know what to do for a while but I figured it out and think they turned out really great!  Stay tuned for pictures of those... :-)  If I knew they would be as good as it turned out, I could have just done that for their 'real' costumes - which they will wear tomorrow night for a neighborhood pre-Trick-or-Treat party and then Trick-or-Treating!!  YAY! 

One more cute pic from tonight.  Noah wasn't so happy about this arrangement but it was still pretty darn cute.  :-)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kylie is 2!!!!

Out little girl is 2.  I can't believe it.  I must have said this a lot last weekend cause Noah kept saying, 'Kylie, I can't believe you are 2!!!'  :-)  Last weekend was a really great celebration with family and a few of Kylie's friends.

Grammy and Papa arrived very late on Thursday night and the kids were so excited to see them first thing on Friday morning.

I took advantage of the extra hands and went to run some errands to get ready for the party on Saturday and left the kids home with my parents.  I got a lot done in a little time and made it home in time to help feed the kids lunch and get them to bed.  While they were sleeping, I got a few more things done around the house and Grammy and Papa gave Kylie her first birthday present.... a HUGE stuffed bear!  :-)  She wasn't quite sure about him at first but once she warmed up to him, she snuggled in.

Noah obviously loves him

Papa had some fun with him, too!  :-)
After some more playtime in the afternoon, we met Waylon out for dinner - Mexican, yum!
Saturday was Kylie's big day.  So nice that it landed on a Saturday this year - and a bonus - it was a bye week for NC State football!!  :-)  When everyone got up, we came down and immediately opened presents.  It was like Christmas morning!  :-)

So exciting!
Kylie dug right in!
And Noah helped
Noah picked out this remote control dog for her.  This was funny - he was "walking it" and Kylie was walking right beside the dog.  :-)
We got her this doll house and Grammy and Papa got some of the accessories that went with it.  She loves this!
Grammy got Kylie this Dora nightgown and matching slippers - she LOVES it.  :-)

We had a nice relaxing morning just playing around the house.  Waylon ran a quick errand for the party and then Grammy and Papa left around lunchtime to go pick up the cake for us.  The kids took a short nap cause they were so excited but it was better than nothing.  The party was at 4:30 and they were up by 3:00 so they had to wait for a bit.  :-)

I got quite a few sibling love pictures that day...
Nana and Grandaddy arrived around 3:30 with the balloons and Kylie was in heaven!  I almost thought I wouldn't be able to put them up cause she was having so much fun with them.  :-)

Watching out the window - she saw Grandaddy and said, 'That's MY grandaddy' to herself  :-)
Nana couldn't wait and wanted to give Kylie a present before the party.  :-)  A cute Minny Mouse doll!

Little Miss Birthday - so big.
She got these boots from Grammy and Papa, too and insisted on wearing them
The cake!  YUMMY!
My girl
Noah is such a big boy, too.
And the party begins.... play time in the yard.  It was a beautiful day for it.  Mid 70s and sunny.  We borrowed Eli and Cole's bounce house and the kids loved that.

Kylie in the house with Abby and Savannah
Here is a shot I got of all the kids.  I had to tell them there was an airplane to get them all to look up!  :-)
(starting at top left - going around the tables)  Savannah, Noah, Maddie, Mason, Ryan, Cole, Kylie, Abby, Eli
Time for presents on the deck!
Sibling love
More sibling love

So many girl toys!
Apparently, I was really excited about this one!  :-)
And then cake time!
She was so sweet - held her head down like this almost the whole time we were all singing.  :-)

Until I called her name and she looked up - Aunt Andrea caught this wonderful shot.  LOVE IT!
Kylie loved her cake
All of her friends left and she was left finishing her cake by herself!  :-)  She didn't want to let any go to waste - when she was done with hers, she reached for the plate next to her!  :-)
Time for everyone to go - she and Ryan hugged several times but I never caught a good shot.  I think this was the 3rd or 4th time we made them hug so I could try to get a picture so I think she was over it.  :-)
Silly daddy
 After all her friends left, Nana and Grandaddy gave her their big present - a new doll baby and stroller.  She loves it!

How many grandfathers does it take to put together the stroller?  :-)

What a great day!  I think Kylie had a great birthday and enjoyed every minute!