Friday, May 13, 2011

New school, new job, new words!

Lots of new stuff going on these days. The kids started a new school, I have started a new job and Kylie and Noah are both learning and growing by leaps and bounds. We all are adjusting very well and are settling in! I'm so happy things are coming together here.

Going back to Friday, April 29th... On our way to Noah's sports class (this time it was baseball), we stopped by daycare just to let the kids see the new place. Noah was so excited and didn't want to leave! It made me happy that he seemed to be really excited about it.

After his sports class, we drove out to Wake Forest to meet my parents to hand off Noah. He went with them by himself to the lake house for the weekend. He was SOO excited. This was his first trip away from home (without us traveling with him) so we all weren't sure how he'd do but he was great. One time when I was talking on the phone with him, I said, 'I miss you!' and he said, I DON'T miss you, Mommy!' :-) Surprisingly, it made me happy to hear that. We decided to let him choose if he wanted to stay one night or two and he decided on two. Apparently, Sunday morning, when it was time to head home was the only time he started to seem to want me.
Kylie in Wake Forest waiting to drop off Noah

A fun dinner with all eyes on her! Kylie also enjoyed the full attention all weekend!

Here are a series of pictures from Grammy and Papa --

Ice cream snack

Dinosaur egg puppet that Grammy and Papa gave him

Feeding the catfish at the marina

Then BEING a catfish - apparently this lasted all weekend! :-)

and CATCHING a catfish with Papa!

Playing on the beach - I guess a little too cool to actually swim

Riding the boat with Papa and Uncle Michael (Uncle Michael came for part of the weekend - so fun!)

Saying goodbye when we met again for the handoff on Sunday at lunchtime

I didn't take many pictures while he was gone for some reason but we had a great weekend at home also. Dinner out with just the three of us on Friday night and then Saturday night, our friend Megan came to babysit for Kylie while we had a much needed date night! It was so nice and Kylie did great with Megan so that was so nice!

That following week was our 'ease-in' week at our new school. It was my last week off before I started so I was able to have the flexibility to give the kids short days. It worked out really well and I'm glad we could do it that way. Noah did great but Kylie struggled a little throughout the week so it was good we could do it slowly.. All in all, she did well - just typical 18 month stuff.

One night we spent a bunch of time out of the porch playing. The kids were cracking each other up and Kylie was copying Noah - 'riding' these doggies.

Silly face

This year is the year for the 13 year cicadas so there are going to be a lot of them this summer. They are already starting to come out and the kids are having fun looking at them. Waylon named this one Curtis the Cicada. :-)

Tuesday afternoon, the kids and I went to play with Andrea and Savannah. Afterwards we all went to Moe's for dinner and then we played on the grass at North Hills. The Chick-fil-a cow came out to visit and Noah and Savannah were thrilled. Kylie was also - from a distance! :-)

Kylie loved walking around holding Savannah's hand.

That following Saturday morning, the Scholles came over to play and see our new house. It was a fun play and lunch date that ended in a jump party!

Saturday night was a nice family night - a great kickoff to Mother's Day. We went to Southpoint Mall and had a fairly pleasant dinner (a rare occurrence these days!) and got ice cream and walked around the outdoor area where they had jugglers, a magician and a band playing beach music! It was so fun. We ended up staying out pretty late just because we were having so much fun.

Watching the juggler

Ice cream!

Kylie has been doing this forced laugh thing that is just so cute - kinda sounds like 'ho ho ho' This is her face while she's doing it.

After ice cream, the sugar hit and the kids were running around like crazy kids. It was so cute. It's so fun to see them playing together.

Happy early Mother's Day to me!

Mothers Day was nice, too. We had a very lazy morning. Waylon let me sleep in and made breakfast. So when I got up, we had eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and pancakes. Yum! I also got cute cards and a gift card to the mall! Always nice. Then we just had a relaxing morning at home. I think we all stayed in our PJs until naptime!

After naps, we went to Nana and Granadad's to celebrate with them and Andrea, Sean and Savannah.

Apparently, Kylie wanted to watch a movie! :-)

Playing outside with Grandaddy

Helping Grandaddy fix the tricycle.

Doing puzzles with Savannah and Aunt Andrea

Walkie Talkies

... and dress up! So many fun things to do!

So adorable!

Noah's turn!

... then Daddy's :-)

Noah loves 'playing rough' - which is tough on my nerves :-) Here he is in the middle of the ring surrounded by Daddy, Uncle Sean, Grandaddy and lots of pillows! Each way he turned he got hit with a pillow. :-) It was pretty funny

Horsey rides!

While we were there, Noah had to go to the bathroom so of course when he was done, Savannah wanted to go also. When Savannah was done, Kylie said, 'I potty'. I asked if she wanted to go and she said yes. So we sat there and she actually went!!! I couldn't believe it!

Then, the next morning, her diaper was almost completely dry so I asked if she wanted to go again and she said yes and went again!!! We didn't work on it much this week but after nap today, same thing happened - dry diaper after nap and then went on the potty! So exciting. We aren't pushing it too much yet but might get some pull ups and see where it goes. That would be great if we could get her potty trained!

That Monday was my first day at my new job. The whole week went well for me and the kids. So far it's just been a lot of reading and training but it's going to be really good. It was nice to still have Friday off, too! The kids did great also. I think they are really starting to get used to the school and teachers. It makes me so happy how they already seem to love their teachers and vice versa. Each morning we went, Noah started squealing with excitement when he saw the school!

Friday morning was Noah's last day of his sports class - Soccer this week. They had a little presentation at the end and he got a medal. I missed this last time cause I was out of town so I was glad to be able to be there this time. It was really cute.

Practicing before class

Getting his medal

After each medal that he presented, Coach Calvin gave each kid a high five. After his high five, Noah threw his arms around his neck and gave him a huge hug! It was so cute.
And one last team cheer. :-)

So a quick update on what's going on with the kids. Kylie is just a parrot these days. She'll repeat anything we say and the words just keep coming. We have very little issue knowing what she wants these days She has definitely hit the 'verbal explosion'. She loves books and puzzles and as I said before is showing interest in the potty! Wow.

Noah is doing really well with writing letters and came home from school this week with a math worksheet! They used marbles to do the work but he answered them all correctly and even wrote all the numbers himself! I was so impressed. He's SO into dinosaurs right now and knows a lot about them.

It's just amazing to watch them both learn something new each day!!