Friday, July 24, 2009

This week

Just a few pictures from our week....

Here is Noah's big boy room rearranged with the bed against the wall. He hasn't fallen out since we rearranged, so that's good. Guess he likes it better this way!

A belly shot - 27 weeks

On Sunday evening, we went over to Andrea Sean and Savannah's house for dinner. Savannah is now officially walking so it's going to get really interesting soon with them chasing each other around!

On Tuesday morning, Waylon left for the gym as usual before Noah and I were awake. But around 6:30, he comes strolling back in and shows me a nasty cut on his head - just like the one Noah did a few months ago! I guess Daddy wanted to have the same scar as Noah! We all think Waylon needs to make up a better story but the real one is that he was walking into the gym and he opened the door right on his forehead!! When Noah saw Daddy's boo boo, he had to have a band-aid on his forehead, too.

They decided to paint at day care one day this week and this is how he came home. I guess they forgot the smocks!! Luckily, it all came out. :-)

Yesterday, Noah and I took a trip over to Evia, Tim, Eli, and Cole's house to visit. Noah and Eli had so much fun playing and it was fun to catch up with Evia and meet Cole. Noah was really good around the baby and seemed to understand that Eli has a little brother just like he's going to have a little sister. The visit made me really excited but also nervous about keeping up with Noah and a baby at the same time!

Eli, Cole, and Noah - check out how tall Eli is - and he's a few months younger than Noah!

Baby Cole

After the visit, we met Waylon downtown for dinner. On the way home, Noah threw up all over the car!! This made me really nervous since we had just visited with Cole - who is only 2 weeks old! But I think it might have been the milk he drank - hopefully! He was okay all night last night (except for some thunderstorms that came through) and he seems okay today, too.

Looking forward to being home this weekend - no big plans which is odd for us!! :-)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another beach trip!!

We just got back yesterday from our beach trip with my parents. Noah and I spent a full week there and Waylon met us there on Tuesday night. We had a great time and I'll narrate through (lots of) pictures - as usual. I'll spare most of the boring details, like 'we got up, had breakfast, watched something (Mickey Mouse, Cars, Pinnochio, etc), went to the beach, went to the pool, had lunch, took a nap, went back to the beach, had dinner, went to bed' - those were most of our days - not too shabby, huh?! :-)

Saturday morning, Waylon's parents came over bright and early - Dick to help Waylon assemble the playset and Kay to help me with Noah while I finished up packing up the car to go.

Noah helping with the playset assembly...

Noah and I left around 11 and Waylon and his dad worked all day and finished the playset Saturday evening. Noah and I got to see it when we got home yesterday - those pictures to come!

While Daddy was home slaving away putting together the playset and bringing home the bacon, Noah and I were having fun at the beach. :-) Seriously though, we had a blast but it definitely wasn't all fun and games. Noah was very clingy to me for some reason and I could hardly keep up physically - or mentally for that matter! He also decided that he didn't want to go to bed at night! There was too much going on and too much to do. I took the pack and play for him to sleep in but he decided he didn't want to do that either, so he ended up sleeping in a twin bed all week. That worked out really well and he didn't fall out all week! (Yesterday when we got back we rearraged his room so that his bed is up against the wall and I think that's going to help that issue.) Anyway, besides those small issues, Noah had a great time playing on the beach and in the pool (we had a pool at our house again!) and is still taking great strides with swimming. He loved fishing with Papa, too! Some pics....

Holding a fish that Papa caught

'Aunt Ditter' (Leah) brought Noah his birthday present - a bubble machine! He had so much fun chasing the bubbles on the porch all week! Thanks Ditter and Casey!

Pool time!

One morning, we told Noah that Papa was going to make pancakes, so Noah went right over to his seat and waited patiently for a long time! It was really cute. Then he gave up and decided to help Grammy mix the batter.

On Tuesday, my mom took my sister and I to the spa! My mom and I got massages and Leah got a facial. It was so relaxing - especially since Papa was home dealing with Noah's naptime (which yet again, didn't go well!). :-) I should have gotten some pictures of us in our robes but didn't even think about the camera there!

My dad made me virgin frozen daquiris and Noah decided he liked them, too. Here he is with a fruit mustache :-)

Checking out more fish that Papa caught - he had good luck this week!
Just love this one

Relaxing on a float with Grammy - wearing her visor

Waylon arrived late Tuesday night after Noah was already in bed. They were excited to see each other on Wednesday morning.

Look, Daddy's here and Mommy is sitting down!! :-)

Pool time with Daddy
Wednesday night, we went out for a family dinner at a mexican restaurant right on the water. We couldn't sit outside but could see the water from our seats which was nice.

Waylon ordered the JUMBO margarita!

Afterwards, we walked to an ice cram shop and Noah had his first ice cream cone. It was really cute watching him eat it.

On Thursday morning, Grammy and Papa gave us a morning off and took Noah to the aquarium. While they were gone, Leah and I went to a yoga class back at the spa and we all just relaxed at the pool afterwards. Some pics from the aquarium...

So excited on the way there!

Apparently, the otters were a lot of fun to watch! Noah has this new thing where he rolls his tounge when he says almost anything - Daddy, Ditter, water, etc... he did the same thing with the word otter and it was so funny to hear. It's hard to describe it in writing, so I'm hoping to get video or an audio clip up here if I can.

Grammy said he really liked the stingrays, too and even touched one.

Enjoying another daquiri by the pool with Grammy and Papa

Thursday night, we went into Morehead City for dinner with Karen, Katie and McCauley (my aunt and cousins). We ate on the porch at a really nice restaurant and Noah was actually pretty good! :-)

After dinner, we took the obligatory family photos...

Back on the beach for our last day...

Daddy buried Noah in the sand!

Checking out the flounder that Papa caught - they are so funny looking!

Waylon and Papa playing the Wii

Ahh, love the pool!

Saturday, after checkout, we shopped a little and grabbed an early lunch so Noah would sleep in the car on the way home. When we got home, it was time to see the playset!

Wow, look what it is!!

Thanks Grammy, Papa, Nana and Grandad for contributing towards the BIG gift!!

And thanks, Grammy and Papa, for a great week at the beach!! It was so fun and we are already looking forward to next year when Noah will have a little sister to play with, too!