Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Two posts in two days - can you believe it!?

Noah had his school Easter Egg hunt at school today. Grammy and Kylie went to watch - I wasn't able to go since it was my first week back at work. They had so much fun!

Noah and all his friends

Looking for eggs

Waiting for snack - a huge piece of cake and a huge cookie!

He's sitting accross from Maddie and Stella Dot - today was Stella Dot's last day at this school. We are sad to see her go but will of course see her lots on weekends!

Our big boy...

... and big girl! Check her out!

Thanks for a great week, Grammy!
We love you SO MUCH! (a quote from Noah at dinner tonight)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Huge News!!

So our big big news is that we are pretty sure Noah is officially potty trained now! It all happened so quick! When I picked Noah up from school last Monday, one of his teachers, Ms. Katherine, asked when we were going to start trying again. I told her I was just waiting for a cue from him and she asked him if he wanted to come to school in underwear the next day and he said yes. He had no accidents at school on Tuesday but then had 2 on Tuesday night at home. Wednesday morning, another accident at home but then none at school again and none at home that night either! Thursday morning, he had two accidents at home but then we got in the car (in underwear so I was nervous about that) to head to the lake for the weekend and he's been dry ever since! Crazy. I guess he was just ready! He's telling us when he has to go and even has gone in a public restroom. How exciting! Such a big boy now. We are all so proud.

So the past week has been kinda crazy. Kylie has really been enjoying her solid food. So far, we've done rice cereal, sweet potatoes, bananas, and oatmeal. She loves everything she's tried so far.

Can't resist messy face pictures.... love love love this one.

Wednesday was a beautiful day so we got out for a nice walk with Morgan and Phoenix.

Then Thursday morning, the kids and I said goodbye to Waylon for almost a full week and headed off to the lake during Noah's naptime. It was Leah's spring break, so we decided to have a Palmatier trip - plus the Parham kids of course. :-) The weather wasn't great but was so nice to catch up and (attempt to) relax. It was busy of course with the kids but on Saturday, they both slept at the same time for 2 hours so we all took a family nap! I think Noah's potty training went so well because he had Grammy, Papa and Aunt Ditter to cheer for him every time he went, too. It was a fun trip -- too bad the weather wasn't like it's supposed to be this weekend - it's supposed to be 88 on Friday! Crazy.

Aunt Ditter and Kylie

Grammy with her grandbabies

Papa, Kylie and Aunt Ditter

Our obligatory driving-the-boat picture. Soon, it will be Kylie, too! :-)

Papa and Noah

This was so cute. Noah happily waved goodbye to Papa and Aunt Ditter but as soon as they were out of sight, he slumped down on the steps, stuck out his bottom lip and said, 'I want to go in Papa's car.'
We left soon after - during Noah's nap - and Grammy followed us home. While we were on our way home, Waylon was getting on a flight to Chatanooga for a business trip. He's going to have to travel some in these next few months for training but we are hoping there won't be too much after that. We've really been missing each other - we think this might be the longest time he and I have ever been away from each other! He's dying to see the kids, too. He'll be back late tomorrow night so that will be good.
So, my mom came back with us to help while Waylon was gone and keep Kylie for my first week back at work! My first day was yesterady and it went really well. It was an easy transition back into work and I wasn't too sad to be away from Kylie - things are a lot easier the second time around. I did call and check in several times though and made sure to get lots of snuggles at night.
So one more day of my new work week and then Waylon will be home tomorrow night!! YAY! My mom has been a HUGE help but I'll be glad to get my hubby back, too. Grammy is going back to the lake for the weekend and then will come back again next week to keep Kylie again. I think she might be ready for the break!! :-) Then Kylie will start daycare on the 12th of April. Noah is excited to have her with him at school. It will be nice that he will be able to go visit her.
Change is in the air in the Parham household!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello Spring!!!

It was a beautiful weekend and we got outside as much as possible!!

We started with a trip to the park on Thursday morning (although the weather that day was not the most beautiful of the weekend). We met Jacque, Elizabeth and Jacob there and Kylie and Jacob hung out in our double stroller together.

... and Noah and Elizabeth played and played. Notice Noah's backpack - he had a fit about taking it (wanted to wear it in the car) and didn't take it off the whole time we were there!
My sore throat turned into a full blown cold on Thursday - complete with head and body aches - so that was kinda rough on me. Although I'm still fighting some sniffles now, I started feeling much better Thursday night. Feeling good is all a matter of prospective, isn't it!?

Kylie loves the jumperoo just like Noah did!

After dinner on Thursday night, we all went out to swing. Whenever I'm out there with the kids, Noah points to the swing and says, 'I'm going to save that one to Daddy.' :-)

Friday was another beautiful day. I got outside with the kids in the afternoon again. Kylie hung out on a blanket while Noah played tee-ball.

On Saturday, we took a family trip to Lowes in the morning to get some things for the yard and during lunch, we gave Kylie her first 'solid' food! She wasn't thrilled with the taste but was very interested in eating. We'll start tastier foods tomorrow so hopefully she'll like those better.

During lunch, Noah said, out of the blue, 'When I grow up, I want to be a lion!' :-)

Noah and Kylie napped at the same time (for a short period) on Saturday so Waylon and I worked outside together for a bit which was nice. When Noah woke up, he helped me plant some flowers and then we took a walk with Kylie while Daddy did some things in the yard, too.

Saturday night was interesting to say the least. We went to our friends' Dave and Megan's house for a cook out. While we were there, Noah started acting funny. By the time he sat down to eat, he was really acting pitiful and starting to get really hot. He didn't want to eat anything, so we left. When we got home, we took his temperature and it was 102!! Then, as I was giving him a hug with Kylie one one shoulder, he threw up all over my other shoulder,down my back and all over the floor. Luckily, Kylie was spared but it was craziness trying to get us all cleaned up and both kids to bed. But even more strange, he slept great and woke up happy and normal on Sunday morning and has been fine ever since.
Sunday was another beautiful day and we got outside for a few walks and also got some more outdoor things done. In the afternoon, Noah took a good nap and Kylie and I took one together also. Waylon's parents came over to visit and then we decided to go out for dinner, too. A nice ending to a nice weekend.
This week is my last week home alone with Kylie. Next week, I go back to work. I'm feeling pretty good about it. My mom will come and stay with her for two weeks, so that will ease the transition a little. At least she won't have to go to daycare right away. I know Noah has thrived at school, so I know she will, too.
Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday I'm getting as many Kylie snuggles as I can and then the kids and I are heading for the first lake trip of the season!! Whoo hoo! My sister will be there also so I'm so excited to see her! Love you Ditter!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

To make up for no pictures last night... here you go! :-)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A quick update with no pictures! :-(

I know many of you will find this totally unbelieveable but I have taken zero pictures since last Thursday! What is wrong with me!? I am coming down with something so I'll blame it on that. :-) (Just a sore throat for me so far - Noah had a pretty bad cough for the past few days so I think I'm catching whatever he had.) Anyway, I'll just do a quick update on our weekend..

On Friday, the kids and I went to my work to pick up a laptop since they want me to start doing some work from home before I actually go back. On the way there, Noah said, 'Mommy, do you have any play areas at your work?' It was so cute. Luckily, my coworker Cindy does keep lots of toys, so he had his wish. :-) It was nice to catch up with everyone and it was a good activity for the morning.

Saturday morning, we started the morning with breakfast at Bass Lake. Waylon got the Wheelbarrow again - I looked back to find this picture and it was almost a year ago that he did it last. :-) While we were there, we decided to have an impromtu get together to watch the NCSU basketball game (they made it to the semi-finals in the ACC tournament!). We had a great time but I could kick myself for not taking any pictures. Noah had fun playing with Maddie and Savannah and we had fun playing with our friends also!

Sunday, we just stuck close to home but got outside some which is so nice. It was nice to have the extra sunlight at night, too!

We've been having a really tough time with Noah's naps recently. It's been touch and go since we took the paci away but the past week or so has really been hard and he's even missed it a few days. He's so tired, he just can't figure out how to relax. As soon as he actually sits still long enough, he'll fall asleep but we just can't get him there! After a bad struggle on Sunday, we decided to go ahead and start him back to full days at school. The hope is that taking some good naps with his friends will help him remember how to do it at home, too. I guess we'll see on Thursday. Isn't it funny how we use peer pressure so much to get them to do things at this age and then when they get to be teenagers, we're going to tell them that peer pressure is bad! :-)

So, the past 2 days has seemed like a breeze for me! Who would have thought that it would feel like a break to *only* take care of a 5 month old all day?! :-) I've been trying to take advantage of the time to get some things done around the house and really enjoy some good quality time with Kylie before I go back to work.

Well, that's it... no pictures! I promise to be better this weekend :-)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Fever!

The weather is starting to get warmer so we all have spring fever here. When the weather is warm, it just makes me crave pool parties and grilling out! Hopefully it won't be too long now.

Back to the end of last week... on Thursday morning we had an impromtu outing to the mall with Jacque, Elizabeth and Jacob. It was nice to catch up with them!

Jacob was all over the place! He's getting so big!

And a carousel ride for Elizabeth and Noah

Friday was another impromtu playdate. we were looking for something to do and ended up kind of inviting ourselves over to the triplets' house (Maddy Rory and Brendan)! :-) We played outside some and had lunch there, too.
Speaking of getting big... check them out! They just turned 2!!

Friday was also Waylon's last day at Progress Energy. He was sad to say goodbye but also excited about the new opportunity at Quanta Technologies. So Saturday started a long 'staycation' weekend for us.
Saturday was a nice family day. We went to the mall in the morning.
Noah and Kylie on a ride together.
On the way home from the mall, Noah fell asleep but woke up as soon as we got home and wouldn't go back to sleep so that was a struggle. He's still having a hard time relaxing himself - this has been going on since the paci fairly came. He wakes up pretty early these days, too so that's been tiring for us.
So, we decided to take a night off! My parents came down on Sunday morning to stay with the kids overnight while we took a vacation to the big city of Raleigh! :-) We went to North Hills and stayed in the brand new hotel overnight. We left the house at 1, had a late lunch, went to see a movie, had a great 3 1/2 hour dinner with our friends Josh and Anise, had a nightcap a the bar, spent thenight at the hotel and had breakfast the next morning before coming home around 11 on Monday. It was really nice to just be Robin and Waylon and not Mommy and Daddy - at least for 22 hours! :-)
The only picture we took while we were gone - a self portrait in the hotel before dinner. :-)

And here are some shots that my parents got at home while we were gone...

The rest of Monday was beautiful and so was Tuesday so we got outside as much as we could.

A walk in the neighborhood.

Tuesday afternoon at the park...

Kylie is loving the swing!

Noah had fun running around the soccer field - can you see him in the goal there?? :-)

Yesterday, Waylon started his new job and seems to love it so far! He's really excited about all the responsibilities and they are throwing him right in so he's hitting the ground running.
Hope you all are having a good week!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Babies Babies!!

We have more friends joining the rank of parenthood right now! Two babies joined us last week, another one yesterday and we are expecting one more in the next week or two! So exciting!!
Last Thursday, Megan and Jason welcomed Ryan Alan to the world! They are all doing well and I got to go see them in the hospital last Friday - that was also a nice outing for me since Waylon stayed home with the kids.
The new happy family.
Anise, Ryan, Megan, Megan and me

Noah has just been so sweet recently. He also says the funniest things - one of my favorite quotes from him in the past week -- I asked him who his favorite friends were at school and he said (of course) 'Maddie and Stella Dot'. Then he paused and said 'Girls love me'. Hilarious!!! :-)

Here he is in a sweater that I had when I was little. :-) He picked it out to wear but it didn't last long cause he said it was itchy.

Saturday morning, while Waylon's dad came over to help Waylon work on our car which had broken down earlier in the week, I took Noah and Kylie to have a nice long playdate with Eli and Cole. It was so fun and Noah loves playing with Eli! Tim even took the older boys outside for a bit so Evia and I could have some down time with the wee ones. There are more pictures on their blog.

As you can see, it's hard to get pictures of eveyone! :-)

Eli and Noah

Kylie and Cole

Holding hands!! :-)


This was the attempt at a picture all together. Noah was ready for a nap -- too bad it was only 40 minutes!!

Saturday afternoon, we went over to Josh and Anise's house to (semi)watch the State game. They might think twice before asking the couple with two kids to come over next time. :-) Noah had the best time playing with Josh!

and Kylie got some good Jennie snuggles, too...

On Sunday, watching a movie with Daddy.

Monday, Jennie and I met up for a quick shopping trip and lunch. I got Kylie this adorable headband!! :-)

Then, on Monday afternoon, I went over to Jason and Megan's house to take them a meal and visit Ryan again. Noah had a blast playing with Megan's mom who spoiled him with cookies and snacks! :-)

Then, on Tuesday morning, I went to visit the next baby who arrived last Friday (a day after Ryan). Aaron and Natalie welcomed Mackenzie Jordan who weighed in a a whopping 9 lbs, 10 oz - and you can see petite little Natalie in this picture! Crazy. She is adorable and they are all doing well, too.

Noah's toe has been red and inflamed and sore and looks like it's ingrown a little (weird since I just had one fixed myself). We decided to let him soak it. He thought it was kind of cool that he could do it since he's been watching me soak mine. At one point he nonchalantly said, 'the doctor is going to cut off my toe. :-)

Yesterday afternoon, we made a house for Noah and he and Kylie played in there together. Noah is in the 'bedroom' sleeping. :-)

Then we put a roof on! Check out the static hair.

Last night we learned that Waylon's best childhood friend and his wife had their baby, Samantha, yesterday! We are super excited for them and so thrilled that they have a little girl so close in age to Kylie. Congratulations Steven and Kate!! We love you and can't wait to meet Samantha!
And last bit of information -- as of last night, Kylie is officially (consistently) rolling over back to front!! Won't be long and she'll be running around the house with Noah! Ahhh! :-)